What is a Blog, & Why You Should Create One Now?

Blogging is a large industry and bloggers are earning a lot of money from it. You might have heard this from many bloggers.

They tell you blogging is a million-dollar industry and you should start one too. Most of the people who have heard about blogging actually fail to understand what it is actually.

But you have confusion about what is a blog and how it is so much different from a website and is a blog and website the same thing?

Do you know there are about 570 million blogs on the web right now and about 31.7 million blog alone in the USA. Intresting Right!

So today I will be clearing all your doughts and learn how you can create one today just in 30 minutes.

So initially when the concept of the blog came it was more likely a personal diary rather than a money making machine.

So as the blogs evolved so evolved its approach. Today blogs are a major source of earning an online income and people are making banks from these.

What Is A Blog Actually? How It Differs From A Website (History & Definition)

We will discuss what is a blog, how it’s different from a website, and how to create a blog today

  1. What Is A Blog
  2. Definition Of Blogging
  3. History Of Blogging
  4. How A Blog Differs From Website
  5. What Is The Purpose Of Blogging
  6. Basic Blog Structure
  7. Reason For Blogging Being So Popular
  8. Is Blogging Better Than Website
  9. Important Pages For A Blog
  10. Reason For Why Every Website Has A Blog Today
  11. Who Is A Blogger (Definition)?
  12. How Bloggers Earn Money?
  13. Should You Start A Blog?
  14. Want To Start A Blog

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What is a blog and how does it work?

A blog is a weblog of frequently updated blog posts typically run by a individual or a group and written in conversational manner. Blog work by simply storing data in a database and rendering it in Realtime based on users request

What is a blog used for?

A blog used to be actually started as a use of personal diary but today blogs have become part of business growth and are often a key area in business development

How do I start blogging?

For you to start blogging one should get a webhost and register a domain name. We have a complete step by step guide on how to start a blog and earn money

1. What Is A Blog?

A blog is a “weblog” online journal displaying information in reverse chronological order typically written in an informal or conversational style

I would like to make it clear from the definition of a blog that it is often regularly updated.

You may have read a number of blogs online like a news website like CNN, Republic, BBC, etc. These all are called blogs & are regularly updated with time

Do you want to start a blog follow to huge step by step guide here –

Want To Start Your Blog?

Get your blog online today by following this step by step tutorial

This Guide Contains Almost Every Aspect To Start A Blog If You Still Got Question Ask Me In Comment Section

2. Definition Of Blogging

Blogging is defined as posting regular updated and highly researched content on a regularly updated on a blog for helping a viewer base I particular niche is called as blogging.

Today blogging is extremely popular and almost done in every niche possible on the internet. Earning potential of blogging is so much that people are now working full time on a blog.

Note: With the current pandemic situation blogging is the only source that was not impacted by it and it has grown exponentially over time.

3. History Of Blogging

Blogging was actually introduced about more than 2 decades ago in 1993 and still, there is a controversy about who the first blogger in this industry was. A lot of work has been done in this regard.

In 1990’s  Tim Berners-Lee coined the term “www” i.e “world wide web” and defined protocols for HTTP built the founding stone of blogging.

It is believed that Rob Palmer was the first blogger in the world. He was working for a company in London and was assigned work of writing a business publication every half a year (In 1993).

Well, that time the this was just called a company’s journal but later on the same concept was named as a blog. Today almost every company has a blog as they drive more sales and customers to the company.

However, the first personal blog was started about in 1994 by Justin Hall who was a 19 year old kid and he started his first personal blog named links.net. The blog is still alive today but is not updated anymore.

After seeing Justin many other saw a potential and followed the footsteps and most of these sites were about there life personal stories.

These were considered as “Online Diaries” at that moment. After that online companies also jumped into this industry and started to create their own blogs.

Up to this “Online Journals” And “Online Diaries” were used. While in 1997, the term “weblog” was used for these blogs by Jorn Barger, which was quickly trimmed to the blog by Peter Merholz.

So these were all personal blogs when in 1998 a blog on a particular event was written by a journalist Jonathan Dube.

In 1998 the creation of  Open Diary which leads people to ope their blogs was launched. It was a huge success and a lot of people were using it.

A lot of other online ventures were also launched so that people can make there own blog without any coding knowledge.

Different platforms were launched like  LiveJournal, Xanga and Blogger which were highly popular and widely used by people.

Of all of these platforms, Blogger was developed by Pyra Labs originally and was then bought by Google in 2003, and you today know it by blogger.com or blogspot.com

The basic blog monetization started in 2002 with the platform like BlogAds before Google Adsense cam into existance.

In 2003, Matt Mullenweg and English developer Mike Little launched the blogging platform WordPress which is most widely used platform and same WordPress we use today for making this blog, and it’s so easy to create one.

Create your own money making blog form this in depth guide here.

So this is how the blogging journey started and it’s developed over time and so much improved now and it has taken a new space in the online community.

4. How A Blog Differs From Website

A very common confusion between a newbie is about what is the difference between a blog and a website. How they both differ from each other.

A blog is also a type of website but the major difference is that the website is mostly static in nature and have organized pages while blogs are frequently updated version with pages, posts and other custom post types. A blog can be a subpart of a bigger website.

Today all top websites have a blog and are constantly updated with regular content about there website, product, or services. They today have become an inherent part of the websites.

So it only depends upon you that if you want to have a blog or not. If you already have a website you may consider making a blog for it. You can get leads with your blog and turn them into customers.

5. What Is The Purpose Of Blogging

The purpose of blogging can depend upon your personal preferences. So you can start your blog for many purposes –

  1. Personal Blogging
  2. Blogging For Business
  3. Project’s Blog
  4. Blogging For Money

The purpose of blogging is just your personal preference. Businesses mostly use blogs for increasing their sales.

If you start your blog today then a average blog may get –

  • 57% more visitors
  • 96% more inbound links
  • 450% more indexed pages\

So starting a blog is a win-win situation for you but it does require continuous work rather compared to a static website.

6. Basic Blog Structure

Basic blog structure just contains 4 major components.

  1. Header
  2. Footer
  3. Sidebar
  4. Main Area
basic bog structure 1
  • Save
Basic Blog Structure

Add this blog structure free template to your website by using this code.

Remember to keep your blog simple and easy to understand and don’t make them too complicating and bloated with tonnes of extra widgets with increases your blog size.

Less Means More 🙂

So, why did blogging become so popular and every business now a days have a blog.

The simple answer is results. Results given by blogging are never matched by any other means.

  1. It is the mainstream method for delivering information to the user
  2. Hgh profit gains & low investment
  3. Passive income source
  4. Update viewers with your product updates

so blogging is so popular because if you do it the right way we even earn million with this business model. This requires initial investment of money and time to get results.

8. Is Blogging Better Than Website

Well, you might ask which one is better an which one you choose. The one you are reading right now is a blog but websites are more practical in case you are offering a service or you are selling a product.

So, a static website about that product would be a great idea. However, using a blog to the same website as /blog would be very helpful as you can publish your product updates.

So it really depends on your preference that what you want to start a blog or website.

But you can seriously start a website about your product and have a blog at same time on your website.

Make your choice….!

9. Important Pages For A Blog

Well after you have started your blog you need to make some important pages for your blog.

These important pages are a must to stay out of any legal issue and also be transparent with you viewers.

  • About Us – This is the first page I create when I start any of my websites. You must tell your views who you are and the purpose of this blog via a dedicated page. It also helps you to EAT which is a Google ranking algorithm part and a key factor for ranking.
blogging capital about page
  • Save
  • Contact Us – You always want to give your viewers a fair chance to contact you for any questions or support. You can add a contact form in the contact us page or provide your email. (Pro Tip – Avoid using contact forms as it will increase spam on your website and can make your IP even blacklisted on google.
bloggingcapital contact us
  • Save
  • Privacy Policy – It is also an important page your blog should have and this page contains all the privacy disclaimers like what data of users you store on your website and how you use that data.
privacy policy
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  • Disclaimer – This page provides disclaimer to your readers about any affiliate links that you use on your blog so that you make it open to your viewers how you are earning from your blog
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10. Reason For Why Every Website Has A Blog Today

There are many reasons why every website should have a blog today. Almost every popular websites today have a blog also.

Mostly the blogs on these websites are located under “/blog” section.

Most platforms have this ability and you should definitely add a blog section into your website.

The most basic reason for this is high traffic to the blog and that traffic can be converted to potential customers

More Traffic = More Conversions = More Sales

However, converting blog visitors to customers is not so easy as you have to adopt some conversion strategies that will help in more conversions e.g email list building.

So here are some of the benefits of a website having a blog –

  • Get more traffic to the blog
  • Convert traffic to customers
  • Share products updates to customers
  • Share your companies income reports
  • Let your shareholders know about your future plans
  • Earn by ads on your blog section

There is simply no limit how you can benefit from a blog on your website.

11. Who Is A Blogger (Definition)?

A blogger is the manager of the blog who manages the blog by writing content, promoting it, handling sponsorships, etc.

A blogger manages all the aspects of a blog including SEO & SEM also.

However, the term blogger is also used by google blogging services called blogger.com where anyone can create their own blog for free with a Blogspot subdomain.

12. How Bloggers Earn Money?

Bloggers earn money from a number of sources. While most bloggers rely on just AdSense for their earning source but the earnings sources are out of limit.

The most profitable earning model of your blog is Affiliate marketing. This method can make you from few dollars to millions of dollars like the top bloggers are doing right now.

The blog you are reading right now is also an affiliate focused blog. You can also earn money from your blog by sponsored ads, selling your service etc.

Here are some major ways bloggers earn money from –

  1. Adsense
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Direct Advertisements
  4. Native Advertising
  5. Paid reviews & Sponsored posts
  6. Selling Digital Products
  7. Offer Online consulting
  8. Sell an online course

13. Should You Start A Blog?

I get this question asked a lot “Should I Start A Blog” well my answer is simple “It Depends

It depends on what your priorities are. If you are comfortable writing blog post every single day and have deep knowledge about a subject then you should start a blog sidewise like me as a PhD Zoology student.

You don’t have to quit your job for this just spare 2 to 3 hours a day for your blog and you have to work for months to see results.

14. Want To Start A Blog

So do you want to start a blog then you should follow this in depth guide on How To Start A Blog

If you are convinced that you need to start a blog today I have a step by step guide on how to start a blog today.

Go to the guide from below link –

Want To Start Your Blog?

Get your blog online today by following this step by step tutorial

This in depth guide will allow you to start your blog in just 30 minutes.


So, I think that I explained all your thoughts about blogs and websites. If you still have a question let me know in the comment section



Hi, I am Shivam a Research Enthusiast and part-time Blogger, Web Designer, Affiliate Marketer, and founder of BloggingCapital. Here, I post about blogging to help people make money online.

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