Stromonic Review 2022: Real Tests + Pros & Cons

I am sure you are looking for the best-managed WordPress hosting online for your next upcoming project.

Then you heard about Stromonic managed WordPress hosting and are looking for an in-depth review with real speed tests, then you are at the right place

We recently came to know about this company and decided to test their services to at most limits we can

I hosted my blogs from basic hostings like hostinger, siteground, and premium hostings like hosting. So I do know what to expect from web hostings at different price points

stromonic speed test
Stromonic Speed Test

You can see 81 ms response time without any CDN from stromonic, as I am going to integrate a third-party CDN on the domain

The transfer was smooth and without any downtime and the support was quick to respond to my request for a transfer

All this is just the dust from the surface keep reading this review to get a full in-depth review of the stromonic hosting

Stromonic Review – Is It Worth Your Time & Money

Here is the stromonic hosting review based on real tests

  1. Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting
  2. Simulated Speed Test On Stromonic Server
  3. Overview Of Stromonic Managed Hosting
  4. Stromonic Plans & Pricing
  5. Stromonic Hosting Features
  6. Stromonic Support

Disclosure: Please do note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my Stromonic affiliate link, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you“, and I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products I’ve personally used and trust.

Stromonic Managed WordPress Hosting

stromonic homepage

Natan Ray is the founder of Stronic Hosting which is in the market since around 2017. The growth received by stromonic is exceptional and that’s why we decided to review stromonic hosting

They use the latest technologies like LiteSpeed server technologies with MariaDB database and nvme drives. Some top-level hosts are still hosting your websites on HDD servers but stromonic uses Nvme drives which are extremely fast and reliable

Stromonic has become popular among many bloggers because of its fast web servers and 24/7 quick support system

Simulated Speed Test On Stromonic Server

We tested one of the fastest servers to date while we were reviewing stromonic hosting

We first did a speed test on an empty website with just a basic affiliate theme installed no caching was involved and no third-party plugin was used, we got the results like

stromonic basic speed test
Stromonic Basic Speed Test (No CDN, No Caching)

Then we moved out the personal website to stromonic to test the speed of the servers and here is what we found

bloggingcapital speed test on stromonic hosting
BloggingCapital Speed Test On Stromonic

Our main website which uses almost 18 plugins, elementor, and a lot of backend stuff loaded in just 0.4 seconds

This time is used wprocket, and the inbuilt CDN of stromonic hosting 🙂

So you might want to consider this hosting after the last 10 days uptime stats and response time we got an average 60-70 ms response time on stromonic hosting

stromonic uptime robot test
UptimeRobot Stats

From these speed tests, you might have been convinced about the speed of this hosting and I can say the time and effort these guys have put in to set up such complex configurations on the servers and provide such a great managed WordPress hosting solution

Overview Of Stromonic Managed Hosting

Stromonic offers a lot of features when you purchase hosting from them. We will each and every feature one by one but the most important and highlighted features of this hosting company that lead me to do this review are

  • One-Click Staging Feature
  • Free domain with every plan
  • Everyday backup
  • Extremely low response time
  • Litespeed cache technology
  • MariaDB databases
  • Free Global CDN
  • Cpanel Integration

So these are some of the most important features of this host. They do have a lot of other features which we will be discussing further

Stromonic hosting offers a $1 trial for the first month so you can try this hosting for almost nothing. They also offer a long 45 days money-back trial because according to Nathan customer satisfaction is most important for them

Stromonic Plans & Pricing

This is the most important when you are purchasing a hosting as most of the hosting companies out there charge too much for their hosting packages but they offer very little in comparison to the price they are charging

A beginner blogger might just want to get a basic hosting plan to get his hosting and website set up and running as quickly as possible

Stromonic offers a wide range of plans according to your needs. They offer the following different plans

  1. Web Hosting (Shared Hosting For Smaller Websites)
  2. Managed WordPress (For Bigger Websites)
  3. Reseller Hosting (To Resell Their Plans)
  4. Cloud Servers
  5. Dedicated Servers

You can select as per your requirement. I am currently using Managed WordPress plan

stromonic managed wordpress hosting pricing
Stromonic Managed WordPress Pricing

Their shared hosting plans are also extremely affordable

stromonic shared hosting pricing
Shared Hosting Pricing

Stromonic Hosting Features

Stromonic hosting offers a wide range of features that are off the line if compared to traditional hosting providers. We will be discussing them one by one

1. LiteSpeed Servers – Stromonic offers LiteSpeed web servers which are 10x faster than the normal web hosting configuration. It does come with an over the top optimization that uses fewer server resources but gives a great performance

2. MariaDB Databases – Stromonic uses the latest MariaDB databases which is much faster and are proven to be compatible with the LiteSpeed web servers

3. Automated Daily Backups – Stromonic hosting provides daily backups on their server. I used this feature a lot as you may mess up something while working on your website. You can simply revert back to the previous version f website with just one click

4. Free Domain Name : They also provide a free domain name with any of their plan for the first time. For 1 year you will get the domain completely free and the after that you have to renew it as per the standard industry charges.

5. DDos Protection – Stromonic offers you active DDOS protection so any bad bots will not be able to spam your website. It blocks the IP addresses which keeps scraping your website regularly

6. 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee – Stromonic offers you a $1 trial for the first month but they also offer you 45-day money-back guarantee. So your satisfaction is a guarantee

7. One Click Staging – Stromonic offers us 1 click staging option. This helps when you want to do a significant change on your website then you can do it on a copy of your website and when you are ready, you just push the changes to the live website

Other features of Stromonic hosting –

  • SSH access with WP-CLI
  • Premium Edge Network
  • NVMe SSD Storage
  • Cpanel Support
  • Git Support
  • Built-in WAF Protection
  • Faster TTFB

Stromonic Support

This is one of the best features I would like to test about every web hosting. I also tested their support staff response time and I was actually happy to see as they replied quickly even on the ticket system

I messaged them about a few issues just to check how fast they reply to my problem and also while migrating my own website. They were quick enough and did the transfer without breaking my website

Stromonic Response Time
Stromonic Response

I found the support system to be fast and they were professional and took charge of the situation

While having your trial you can also test it further yourself


So should you buy Stromonic hosting?

In my opinion, you should give it a try by using the $1 trial for the first month and if you like the trial and their service then you can definitely move to this hosting.

My website is also hosted on Stromonic hosting right now as I have also migrated my website to this host. Because I personally liked their services

Let me know what do you liked about this hosting. Have you shifted your website to stromonic

If you need any help just let me know



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