Review 2021: Best Managed WordPress Hosting? is a recently launched managed WordPress hosting that is getting very popular in the market and that’s because of its speed and inbuilt CDN offers that other web hosting are charging on per monthly basis making it extremely expensive to start a blog today

So now what you are thinking about this web host

  1. How hosting is..?
  2. Is it worth the money they are asking
  3. Which plan should you get

You will get an answer to all these questions in this review, as our previous reviewing pattern we test the web hosting for weeks before writing a review here. Follow our premium guide on how to start a blog in 2021 to create your blog today

I performed a number of tests on this web host and one of the major tests that we did for about a week was checking their uptime.

Check out this before you even read the review and you can see for yourself what was the response time hosting offered uptime report
  • Save Uptime Report

If you want to see the status reports live then you can visit this UptimeRobot Status Page and then compare the response times of different web hosts yourself.

You can check out my gtmetrix report here from this link

My gtmetrix report
  • Save
My Gtmetrix Report After Transfer

Note: Remember that I use elementor so the elementor font is around 300kb, if you are not using elementor your website will be much after this report

We did all the tests on the starter plan of hosting. Which include response time tests, speed tests, gtmetrix, Pingdom, and pagespeed insights tests, and a comparison with also.

In this detailed review, you will know if really worth your money and time by testing their service on a number of parameters and detailed comparisons with other web hostings. Click here to jump to step #1 of setting up a account and set up WordPress.

Still need help starting your blog?

Read this awesome guide on starting a blog the right way for cheap

Follow this review and comparison step by step and do give us your suggestion on what to include in this test in the future. Reviews by Our Experts with Real Tests (2020)

Ultimate Review Based On Real Tests For 3 Weeks

  1. How To Setup Your Account On
  2. Install WordPress & Configure Domain
  3. Hosting Plans & Pricing
  4. Uptime & Response Times
  5. Websites Speed On Demo & Clone Of BlogingCapital
  6. Features Of Hosting
  7. Verdict About Support
  8. 14 Days Backups (1 Click Restore)
  9. 1 Click Staging Option
  10. Native PHP 7.4 Support
  11. What I Liked/Disliked About

Disclosure: Please do note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my affiliate link, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you“, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products I’ve personally use and trust.

How Good Is Hosting? hosting is extremely fast and reliable hosting if you have the budget to spend. The uptime is much better than any other hosts ou there

How Much Hosting Costs?

The minimum cost for the lowest plan is $30/month but if you use my link then you can get your first month for just $1

When should I use Hosting?

Rocket Hosting is a good alternative for kinsta and siteground. If you are overpaying on these hosts then might be the best option for you.

Benefits Of Reading This Blog Post –

  1. You will be able to know how fast hosting is
  2. Know how to setup an account on
  3. How to point your domain to servers
  4. My Gtmetrix scores after transfer to 
  5. When you should transfer to

If you like this review and want to really appreciate the effort then you can get your account from the link below

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1. How To Setup Your Account On

rocket net dashboard
  • Save Dashboard

Setting up the dashboard and pointing your domain to your website on the server is a little bit different from traditional Cpanel based hosting.

Here are the steps on how to set up your account and point your domain to the servers.

1. Go To from this link (coupon embedded) ($1/month) and hit the get started button

click on get started rocket net review
  • Save
Click On Get Started Button

2. Now enter your email password, your details, and billing address in the given fields

add details rocket net review
  • Save
Add Your Details

3. Now select your payment method credit card or PayPal as you prefer and hit complete order (Use our link to get the first month for $1 Only (Add Promo Code “Launch“)

add payment details rocket net review
  • Save
Add Payment Details And Hit Complete Order

4. After You Complete Payment You Will login into your dashboard like this below

empty dashboard after signup rocket net review
  • Save
Your Dashboard Will Look Like This

5. Now click on create site on your dashboard

click on create site rocket net review
  • Save
Click On Create Site

6. Give your site a name and select your server location (Acc. to your preference)

give your site a name and select server location rocket net review
  • Save
Give your site a name and select server location

7. Add Your administrative details and your subdomain (temporary we will setup domain later)

add adminstrative details rocket net review
  • Save
Add administrative details and temporary subdomain

8. After adding all WordPress information hit continue and your website will be created

So these are the steps for setting up our account and here your WordPress install is hosted using a subdomain from

I checked the website speed of with default WordPress install and here are the results we actually found (Stunning Results)

rocket net speed with default wordpress install
  • Save speed with default WordPress Install

The default WordPress install in hosting just took “.2 seconds” to load that too without any caching plugin installed and got a 100% gtmetrix score

The speed is just awesome and i was personally amazed to see such results from a hosting provider.

So I decided to move my site to hosting personally after seeing such great results. And today my website is also hosted on

2. Install WordPress & Configure Domain

During the account setup, you have already set up the WordPress on your subdomain and now you only need to set up and point your domain to the install and then you are good to go.

The domain setup is a little bit different on so if you are not comfortable editing your DNS records then you can just ask the team via a ticket or live chat and they will set it up for you

1. Go to your dashboard and hot manage then under ready to go live section Hit “Get Started

hit ready to go live rocket net review
  • Save
Hit Get Started

2. Add Your Domain Name, Configure SSL (Automatic), And add CNAME Record for @ and www on your DNS host (Domain Registrar or Cloudflare if you use it)

domain setup rocket net reiew
  • Save
Add your DNS Records (Just CNAME Only (Rest are my Custom Solutions)

Wait for your DNS Records to propagate and you are done. Your website will be live now and everything will be setup automatically

Now if you are making your site from scratch and you used my link for purchase then you can contact me for a “free website setup” I would love to do that.

Or if you want to migrate your website then simply start a ticket and the rocket team will do it for you completely free of charge.

Here is My Websites GTmetrix Report after I switched to Hosting from my previous Webhosting solution. However, do remember I use elementor page builder and resource consuming plugins like heatmap generation too. Without them, the speed may further be increased

bloggingcapital gtmetrix score
  • Save
My GTMetrix Report

And here is my response time report from uptime robot before and after I switched to hosting

You can check out the live response time of my website from the link given below

Check My Uptime Reports Live

3. Hosting Plans & Pricing has extremely competitive pricing and is much better and faster than any hosting service out there. If we compare it with kinsta the hosting giving much more resources to host and server your website for more visitors than compared to kinsta

Here are the plans and pricing of for different levels

rocket net pricing
  • Save Pricing & Plans
kinsta pricing
  • Save
Kinsta Pricing & Plans
wpx hosting pricing
  • Save
Wpx Hosting Pricing Vs Kinsta Vs WPX Pricing & Plans Comparison

Base Plan$30$30$$24
WordPress Installs115
Visitors/Month250,00025000100 GB BAND
Storage 10 GB10 GB10 GB
Free CDNYesYesYes
Rocket Vs Kinsta Vs Wpx Plans Comparison

You can get 2 months of free hosting with all three hosting providers if your purchase hosting for 1 year. But Rocket seems to a winner here but with 5 installs on the base plan of WPX it is also a good competitor

4. Uptime & Response Times

While testing out hosting performance we were not just reliant on GTMetrix scores but we also added a monitor in uptime robot to see if it competes with other managed web hosting companies.

We first checked the response times with the most famous monitor used called and here is what we found

rocket net bicatcha response time
  • Save response time

After this, we started a response time monitor on the uptime robot and added it to the status page so you can actually check the reponse time live from the given links here Check Response Time Of

Generally We get around 30 – 40 ms response time usually and when i was testing this let me decide to migrate my site to

After setting up the uptime robot monitor we got 100% uptime till now and the rocket claims it to be 99.99%

5. Websites Speed On Demo & Clone Of BlogingCapital

To check the speed of we actually tested the hosting speed for different types of installs.

We first tested the speed for a complete empty WordPress install and we got around 100% GTMetrix score and the website loaded itself in 0.2s

rocket net speed with default wordpress install
  • Save speed on default WordPress install without Caching plugin

Then we installed woocommerce and imported demo content using Astra plugin (Organic Store) and then tested for the speed using the GTMetrix reports

rocket speed with woocommerce
  • Save Speed With Woocommerce

After testing all this we moved our live site to and then we tested the speeds or our website using GTMetrix tool and here are the results

My gtmetrix report
  • Save
My GTMetrix Report After Transfer

Here is my GTMetrix report before transferring to which was hosted on a shared cloud network environment

My GTMetrix Report Before Transfer
  • Save
My GTMetrix Report Before Transfer

You can see it’s a huge difference in the speed with the same exact website speed when transferred to Hosting

6. Features Of Hosting hosting provides a number of features and they are providing all these features with all their plans, these number of features provided by rocket are much more different than other hosting companies. Let us discuss all these features one by one

1.Prebuilt Google Font Optimization is this awesome feature that no other host is providing inbuilt into the hosting environment where you don’t need to optimize the fonts separately as the host already does this for you.

I personally don’t use google fonts right now on my blog as I use only system fonts to increase the performance of my blog. But you don’t need to do the same, do not compromise with the quality of your blog design just for the gtmetrix scores.

2. Built-In Free Enterprise CDN & Caching Solution hosting has a built-in caching solution, built-in brotli compression, and Enterprise CDN provided with every account to speed up your website and distribute it from various locations all over the world.

3. Multilayered Security Shield Feature provides a multilayered security shield feature where the hosts by default protect you from malware, brute force attacks, and automated bots from scraping your websites.

4. Simple & Custom Control Panel

The control panel I found extremely simple and easy to manage my website and it was exactly what I was looking for. The rocket control panel is specially designed to easily manage your whole website

5. Daily Backups + 14 Days Retention

They also provide you daily backups and you can actually see your backups for the last 14 days which are ready to be restored with just one simple click. I actually loved this feature however I still advise you to have your own off-server backup plugin like updraft plus for extra protection. You can also request a manual backup from your dashboard itself.

These are some of the main features of but they also offer like 99.99% uptime guarantee, Free SSL Certificates, Free CDN, Web Firewall, Automatic DB Optimization, Free Staging Install, Automatic Updates, etc.

7. Verdict About Support

I always test the support of any web host I review because it is that main aspect & you need to deal with issues on your website every day. So I generated a ticket regarding one of my problem to test their support response time and the support agent replied with a clear cut solution in just 1 minute

support response time rocket net reiew
  • Save Support Response Time (1Minute)

And after 1 minute I got the solution to my problem explained step by step so support is fantastic and you will never feel any difficulty regarding support

8. 14 Days Backups (1 Click Restore)

This is one of the game-changing features I liked about hosting that you can get 14 days daily backup retention feature and which is ready to be restored with just one click.

You can also request an on-demand backup if you need it from the dashboard itself. Here is how it looks.

backup options rocket net rview
  • Save
Backup Options

9. 1 Click Staging Option also provides a 1 click staging option also where you can create a staging area if you want to test out a plugin, theme, or WordPress update or you simply want to design your website so that you don’t show visitors the site until it is finished updating.

Then after you are satisfied with the results then you can simply pull the staging site to the live site with just one click option

one click staging rocket net review
  • Save
1 Click Staging

10. Native PHP 7.4 Support

While most of the other hosting providers provide you only 7.3 native support till now but provides 7.4 native support and they push the updates faster than any other hosts when it is released.

11. What I Liked/Disliked About

I was reviewing this hosting and got impressed by the performance of this hosting and shifted my website to I actually a lot of features and also did not like a few of them. Here is what I liked and disliked about Hosting

What I LikedWhat I Disliked
1. Server-Side Caching1. No Domain Registration
2. Free Enterprise CDN2. No Email Hosting
3. Quick Support (Sometimes Not)3. Only 1 WordPress Install In Starter Plan
4. 40ms Response Time4. No Caching Plugin Provided By Rocket
5. Offers Much More Than Kinsta, WPX, Wpengine
My Verdict Verdict

If you are looking for a fast web host with easy to use control panel then is the perfect managed WordPress hosting option for you. They provide highly optimized and optimized servers with enhanced security and updates. might be a new player in the market but they are providing an extremely fast hosting service and offers much more than other competitors. However, on the starter plan, It provides only 1 WordPress install and the host does not offer email hosting. Overall BloggingCapital recommends if you have a budget to invest $30/month

—–> Click here to head over to “” and hit the orange “Get Started” Button To Get Your First Month For $1 & 2months Off If You Get Annual Account

If you still stuck with starting a blog then check out our How to start a blog in 2021 Guide today

FAQ Related To Hosting

What is

Rocket is a new hosting provider that provides extremely fast managed WordPress hosting at a fairly competitive price in the market

Does Have cPanel?

No, but they do have an easy to use the custom panel to perform any task with just one click

Is hosting good? is an extremely fast hosting provider with an average response time of 45ms

Which Is Better Vs Kinsta? is far much more effective and faster solution than Kinsta however both specialize in few areas

Does Provide Email Hosting? hosting does not provide any Email hosting so you need to set up your email hosting from gsuite or Zoho mail or any other email host


So this was our test regarding Hosting. What do you think? So do you want to transfer your website to Rocket?

Let me know the same in the comment section, I would love to hear your feedback



Hi, I am Shivam a Research Enthusiast and part-time Blogger, Web Designer, Affiliate Marketer, and founder of BloggingCapital. Here, I post about blogging to help people make money online.

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