[50% Off] Rocket.net Coupon Code 2023 : (+3 Months FREE!)

Rocket.net Coupon Code 2023

Get Rocket.net’s exclusive coupon code for BloggingCapital Readers. Get an instant 25% discount on their annual hosting plans. Use Code “BloggingCapital25“. Get LIVE OFFER below 👇

Let me GUESS, You are searching for Rocket.net Coupon Code 2023.

Maximum discount on Rocket.net annual plan is ONLY 25% (use above code)

We also have a 50% off coupon, but it only works for the first 3 months. i.e “BloggingCapital50

Most online articles about Rocket.net coupon codes are misleading and don’t provide you code.

They just trick you to CLICK ON THEIR AFFILIATE LINK

But we don’t do that. We like to be TRANSPARENT 💎. Here are all the 3 exclusive ROCKET.NET COUPON CODE for February 2023

  1. 50% OFF – Only first 3 months – Use Code “BloggingCapital50
  2. 25% off + 2 months free – On Annual Plan “BloggingCapital25
  3. First month for just $1 – Code “BloggingCapitalLaunch

BONUS– If you purchase Rocket.net hosting from our affiliate link, and use our code, we offer you a FREE BLOG SETUP (Exactly Like Mine)

Note: Some websites will promise you a 99% discount even. Rocket.net does not offer more than a 25% discount to any affiliates. So BEWARE OF SUCH WEBSITES 🙏

Also after talking to the marketing manager of Rocket hosting, revealed that all the coupon codes are soon going to be disabled and no discount will be offered in the coming months.

I totally understand. Rocket.net is a PERFORMANCE-FOCUSED HOSTING 🚀

rocket.net will disable all the coupons
Snippet From Email (Coupons will be Cancelled In the Future)

So get your discount as early as possible ☝️

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my Rocket.net affiliate link, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you“, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products I’ve personally used and trust.

Still confused about why you should use this hosting. Read our rocket.net review.

It’s DETAILED and includes a 1-YEAR USAGE summary.

1. How To Redeem Rocket.net Coupon Code

Follow the EXACT step-by-step process I showed you to redeem your coupon

Here are 3 Coupons Offered For BloggingCapital Readers

Coupon CodeDiscount OfferedExclusive Link
BLOGGINGCAPITAL25FLAT 25% Off On All Annual PlansGrab Deal
BLOGGINGCAPITAL5050% Off On Monthly Plans For 3 MonthsGrab Deal
BLOGGINGCAPITALLAUNCHAll Plans are $1 For the First MonthGrab Deal
Rocket.Net Coupon Codes For BloggingCapital Readers

Use any coupon you like. I STRONGLY SUGGEST annual coupon (Save $75)

Here are some benefits you will get after using the plugin

  1. The Annual Plan Will Be Billed At 25% Off i.e $225 For 1 Year ($75 OFF)
  2. The Monthly Plan Will Cost $15 For the First 3 Months
  3. The 1 month trial coupon will give you access for $1

Maximum discount is available on the annual plan so grab this opportunity (LIMITED TIME)

CONFUSED? about how to redeem. Follow the steps 👇

Go to the link above and click the “Get Started Button” from the landing page

hit get started rocket net hosting coupon
Hit The Get Started Button

2. Now Click On “Have A Coupon” From The Right Side

Now you need to click on “have a coupon“, and enter the coupon code you like from the above list

click have a coupon rocket net hosting coupon
Click On Have A Coupon

3. Now Add The Following Coupons In The Coupons Field Like This

The amount will be reduced after the coupon code is applied

price after coupon rocket net coupon code
Price After $1 Coupon Applied

Actual amount if you apply 25% coupon “BloggingCapital25” 👇

rocket hosting coupon code annual
Rocket Hosting Annual Coupon Code

Actual amount of you apply 50% coupon “BloggingCapital50” for the first 3 months

50 off rocket hosting coupon
50% Off Rocket Hosting Coupon

Here is the list of promo codes to apply after you visit Rocket.net with This link

  • “BloggingCapitalLaunch” – Get the first month for only $1 Dollar
  • BloggingCapital25” For Flat 25% Off On Annual Plans + 2 Months Free
  • BloggingCapital50” For 50% Off For the First 3 Months

So this is how you redeem the exclusive promo code we offer exclusively for Rocket.net (YOU SAVE MOST WITH 25% ANNUAL PLAN)

—–> Click here to head over to “Rocket.net” and hit the “Get Started” Button To Get a 25% Exclusive Annual Discount

2. Rocket.net Speed Proofs (I Personally Used)

I ACTUALLY USED rocket hosting for more than 1 year.




My speed proofs with Rocket hosting 👇

Rocket.net Hosting Speed GTMetrix Report With Default WordPress Install
Rocket.net Hosting Speed GTMetrix Report With Default WordPress Install


Default WordPress loaded in just “.2” seconds WITHOUT ANY CACHING PLUGIN

Actual woocommerce website speed 👇

rocket speed with woocommerce
Rocket.net GTMetrix Report With Woocommerce Installed

The speed of my own website migrated to Rocket.net 👇

bloggingcapital GTMetrix score
My GTMetrix Scores After Transfer To Rocket.net Hosting

This made my mind blown away as here are my GTMetrix scores before transferring to Rocket Hosting and I was hosting it on a Shared Cloud Hosting

My GTMetrix Report Before Transfer
My GTMetrix Scores Before Transfer To Rocket Hosting

Some proof that I used rocket hosting 👇

one click staging rocket net review
Proof That I Host My Site On Rocket.net Hosting

If you are now convinced about the originality of this article and the speeds of Rocket Hosting then get the best deal below 👇

—–> Click here to head over to “Rocket.net” and hit the “Get Started” Button To Get a 25% Exclusive Annual Discount

Or Use code “BloggingCapitalLaunch” To get the first month for just $1 dollar. if you want to try out the features

3. Rocket.net Price After Applying Coupon Code

Here is the actual pricing of the rocket.net hosting without any coupon in the below image

rocket net pricing
Rocket.net Plans & Pricing

Different plans have different features included like

Plan NameStarterProBusinessAgency
WordPress Websites 131025
Monthly Visits 250,0001,000,0002,500,0005,000,000
Disk Space 10GB20GB40GB50GB
Bandwidth 50GB100GB300GB500GB
Uptime Guarantee 99.99%99.99%99.99%99.99%
Rocket.net Hosting Pricing

Here is how much you will save

CASE 1: If you apply coupon code “BloggingCapital25” then pricing will be like this

PlanRegular PriceDiscounted PriceDiscount
Starter$300/yr$225/yr25% Discount
Pro$600/yr$450/yr25% Discount
Business$996/yr$747/yr25% Discount
Enterprise$1992/yr$1494/yr25% Discount
Pricing With a 25% Annual Discount

CASE 2: When you use a 50% off coupon, you will get 50% off only for the first 3 months

CASE 3: You can try any plan for $1 for the first month only

You can save most on the 25% annual discount code. So get YOUR DISCOUNT NOW

4. Features Of Rocket.net Hosting

Why Rocket.net Hosting is the Best WordPress Hosting Provider?

Rocket.net hosting provides a lot of features but we will discuss the most important ones here

rocket hosting plans rocket coupon code
Rocket.net Hosting Plans & Pricing

Complete features list

  1. All plans come with Free SSL Certificates
  2. CDN
  3. Web Application Firewall
  4. Global Server Locations
  5. Premium Edge Network, Money Back Guarantee 30 Days
  6. Hands-free Migrations
  7. Optimized Google Fonts
  8. Automatic DB Optimization
  9. Multisite Support
  10. Automatic Daily Backups
  11. On-demand Backups
  12. Backup Retention 14 days
  13. 24×7 Live Chat Support
  14. Hack & Malware Removal
  15. Multi-user Support
  16. Free Staging Installs
  17. All PHP Versions
  18. SSH Access
  19. Git Integration
  20. SFTP
  21. Automated WP Core Updates
  22. Automated Plugin Updates
  23. Automated Theme Updates
  24. File Manager
  25. Visitor Analytics
  26. Brotli Compression
  27. Cron jobs

Visit the official website for a complete list of features

I suggest you start with a starter plan and then upgrade as you need while you grow

5. WPX Hosting VS Rocket.net Hosting

So which one is good, rocket.net or WPX hosting. Here is a comparison

Our Pick
Rocket hosting logo


wpx featured in


Email HostingNo Yes
$1 trialYesNo
Cloudways EnterpriseYesNo
No Of website15
Free Site Speed OptimizationNoYes

So this is a basic comparison between Rocket.net and WPX (Both Lead The Market)

Final Thoughts

So these are the best discounts you will find on the internet. (BEST DISCOUNT SO FAR)

Let me know if you used it or not?

Don’t forget I offer a free website setup and design if you purchase from my link.

Let me know in the comment section “I Migrated” if you migrated after this mini-review and using this coupon code

—–> Click here to head over to “Rocket.net” and hit the “Get Started” Button To Get 25% Exclusive Discount For BloggingCapital Readers

If you need any further help just leave a comment, I am always ready to help

Rocket.net Coupon Code 2023

Get Rocket.net’s exclusive coupon code for BloggingCapital Readers. Get an instant 25% discount on their annual hosting plans. Use Code “BloggingCapital25“. Get LIVE OFFER below 👇

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