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  1. How To Redeem Rocket.net Coupon Code
  2. Rocket.net Speed Proofs (I Personally Use)
  3. Rocket.net Hosting Plans & Pricing
  4. Features Of Rocket.net Hosting

Disclosure: Please do note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my Rocket.net affiliate link, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you“, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products I’ve personally use and trust.

What is rocket.net hosting?

Rocket.net hosting is a WordPress managed hosting and a good alternative for kinsta & WPX

Have you ever used Rocket Hosting?

Let me tell you a secret, this blog is right now hosted on Rocket.net hosting

Should I Migrate Actually?

I think you should, as all other managed WordPress hosting only gives 25k visitors with a basic plan but Rocket offers 250000 visitors per month

1. How To Redeem Rocket.net Coupon Code

If you need help regarding redeeming the Rocket.net coupon code then you can simply visit the Rocket hosting from this link and follow the exact step by step process we tell in further steps

Here are 3 Coupons Offered For BloggingCapital Readers

Coupon CodeDiscount OfferedExclusive Link
BLOGGINGCAPITAL25FLAT 25% Off On All Annual PlansGrab Deal
BLOGGINGCAPITAL5050% Off On Monthly Plans For 3 MonthsGrab Deal
BLOGGINGCAPITALLAUNCHAll Plans $1 For First MonthGrab Deal
Rocket.Net Coupon Codes For BloggingCapital Readers

You can use any of the coupon above according to your requirements. We will design your blog for free if you purchase from us, Just send us the purchase receipt

  1. The Annual Plan Will Be Billed At 25% Off i.e $225 For 1 Year
  2. The Monthly Plan Will Cost $15 For First 3 Months
  3. The 1 month coupon will give you access for $1 for 1 month

Maximum discount is available on the annual plan so grab this opportunity

Go to the link above and click the “Get Started Button” from the landing page

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Hit The Get Started Button

2. Now Click On “Have A Coupon” From The Right Side

  • Save
Click On Have A Coupon

3. Now Add The Following Coupons In The Coupons Field Like This

  • Save
Price After $1 Coupon Applied
  • Save
Rocket Hosting Annual Coupon Code
  • Save
50% Off Rocket Hosting Coupon

Here is the list of promo codes to apply after you visit Rocket.net with This link

  • “BloggingCapitalLaunch” – Get the first month for only $1 Dollar
  • BloggingCapital25” For Flat 25% Off On Annual Plans + 2 Months Free
  • BloggingCapital50” For 50% Off For First 3 Months

So this is how you redeem the exclusive promo code we offer exclusively for Rocket.net

—–> Click here to head over to “Rocket.net” and hit the “Get Started” Button To Get 50% Exclusive Discount For BloggingCapital Readers

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Click on the show more button to get the deal activated right away

2. Rocket.net Speed Proofs (I Personally Use)

I have been using shared cloud hosting that cost around $10 a month from companies like Siteground (When Started), Nmaehero (Migrated After Siteground)

Then I came up with Rocket.net and purchased for one month for testing their service as they promised so much.

I got the starter plan and set up a WordPress blog on their subdomain and checked the speed for default WordPress install without any caching plugin and here is what I got

Rocket.net Hosting Speed GTMetrix Report With Default WordPress Install
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Rocket.net Hosting Speed GTMetrix Report With Default WordPress Install

I was amazed to see such results as default WordPress loaded in just “.2” seconds that without a caching plugin

I moved the test further and installed the Astra theme and then imported a readymade Woocommerce layout (Wocommerce is notorious for being slow). Here is what I got for Woocommerce install with a caching plugin

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Rocket.net GTMetrix Report With Woocommerce Installed

I was personally impressed with such results so I moved a clone of my own website on Rocket.net Hosting and checked for speed (Results Compared To My Previous Host Were Stunning)

bloggingcapital GTMetrix score
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My GTMetrix Scores After Transfer To Rocket.net Hosting

This made my mind blown away as here are my GTMetrix scores before transfer to Rocket Hosting and I was hosting it on a Shared Cloud Hosting

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My GTMetrix Scores Before Transfer To Rocket Hosting

And here are some proofs that my blog is also hosted on Rocket.net Hosting now

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Proof That I Host My Site On Rocket.net Hosting

If you are now convinced about originaity of this article and speeds of Rocket Hosting then get the best deal from below

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—–> Click here to head over to “Rocket.net” and hit the “Get Started” Button To Get 50% Exclusive Discount For BloggingCapital Readers

Or Use code “BloggingCapitalLaunch” To get the first month for just $1 dollar. if you want to try out the features

3. Rocket.net Hosting Plans & Pricing

Rocket.net hosting offers a very competitive pricing model as compared to their competitors

This is also one of the reasons why top bloggers on other web hosting companies are shifting to Rocket.net hosting

Here are some of the plans offered by Rocket.net hosting

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Rocket.net Plans & Pricing

Different plans have different features included like

Plan NameStarterProBusinessAgency
WordPress Websites 131025
Monthly Visits 250,0001,000,0002,500,0005,000,000
Disk Space 10GB20GB40GB50GB
Bandwidth 50GB100GB300GB500GB
Uptime Guarantee 99.99%99.99%99.99%99.99%
Rocket.net Hosting Pricing

All plans come with Free SSL Certificates, CDN, Web Application Firewall, Global Server Locations, Premium Edge Network, Money Back Guarantee 30 Days, Hands-free Migrations, Optimized Google Fonts, Automatic DB Optimization, Multisite Support, Automatic Daily Backups, On-demand Backups, Backup Retention 14 days, 24×7 Live Chat Support, Hack & Malware Removal, Multi-user Support, Free Staging Installs
All PHP Versions, SSH Access, Git Integration, SFTP, Automated WP Core Updates, Automated Plugin Updates, Automated Theme Updates, File Manager, Visitor Analytics, Brotli Compression, Cron jobs

4. Features Of Rocket.net Hosting

Rocket.net hosting provides a lot of features but we will discuss the most important ones here

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Rocket.net Hosting Plans & Pricing

I suggest you start with a starter plan and then upgrade as you need while you grow


So now I have given you a huge discount coupon code for Rocket.net hosting, Let me know which feature you like the most about this managed WordPress hosting or even what you disliked so I can let its founder know to fix that

Let me know in the comment section “I Migrated” if you migrated after this mini-review and using this coupon code

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—–> Click here to head over to “Rocket.net” and hit the “Get Started” Button To Get 50% Exclusive Discount For BloggingCapital Readers

If you need any further help just leave a comment, I am always ready to help

You can even rad our full review of Rocket.net Hosting Review where we tested this hosting for a number of metrics



Hi, I am Shivam Sharma a Research Enthusiast and part-time Blogger, Web Designer, Affiliate Marketer, and founder of BloggingCapital. Here, I post about blogging to help people make money online.

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