Rank Math Review – Best Free SEO Plugin For WordPress

So you heard about Rank Math finally

And now you are looking for Rank Math Review (Real User for more than a year). This will probably be the last review you will need to read about the rank math SEO plugin.

Believe me, I was a Yoast fan too, and still, I am, but it’s not offering what rank math offers, even in the free plan.

The lack of innovation and slow performance of Yoast led me to shift to RankMath and I am glad I did.

First of all, here are the two main reasons I shifted to rank math

1. Yoast and other SEO plugins are coded heavily, bulky and slow. Every other plugin lacked some features, and updates were slow. This is not the case with the RankMath SEO Plugin.

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RankMath Vs Other SEO Plugins

2. Yoast Plugins costs were so frustrating. When working on multiple websites, it used to cost thousands of dollars. Here is a snapshot of what I am taking about.

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RankMath Pricing Vs Other SEO Tools Pricing

So if I want to host 100 sites with Yoast premium installed on them, then it’s going to cost $8,000 per year.

Whaaaat..! 🙂

I am done with it, Let’s Switch …

But Wait…. Am I going to lose rankings? Hmm…. then let’s not switch ( Typical Feared SEO Guy 🙂 )

This is the first thought every marketer has: “I don’t want to lose rankings, so I won’t switch.”

Well, you can actually switch from any SEO tool to RankMath in just five minutes without losing rankings, and search engines will not even notice that you made any change.

Instead, you will get much more control over your website’s SEO settings. If I can switch and SEO pros like Mathew Woodward switch to the rank math SEO plugin, then what’s stopping you?

In this rank math review, I will be covering how to switch to rank math, the best settings for this plugin, and how you can replace many tools with this one tool and save a lot of money.

So if you are ready for a change, then get your copy of RankMath, and let’s switch.

Get RankMath SEO Pro Today…!

Get the best SEO plugin in your inventory, and change the way you do SEO 🙂

Follow this in-depth review for a smooth transition from any other SEO plugin to RankMath.

Rank Math Pro Review – Verdict After 1 Year Usage

RankMath is an easy-to-use SEO plugin that has a clean and well-structured UI with SEO control of your website like no other plugin on the market.

  1. What is Rank Math SEO?
  2. How To Migrate To Rank Math – Without Hurting SEO
  3. Rank Math VS Yoast SEO
  4. Features Of Rank Math
  5. Top Benefits of Using Rank Math WordPress SEO Plugin
  6. Why Should You Get The Pro Version Of Rank Math
  7. Pros & Cons of Rank Math

Disclosure: Please do note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my RankMath affiliate link, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you“, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products I’ve personally used and trust.

Is Rankmath safe?

The Rank Math plugin is created by dedicated WordPress development guys, and according to them, the plugin gets audited every 3 months for security. I have been using this plugin for about a year now and have never had any issues related to security.

Which is better Yoast or Rankmath?

For sure, Rank Math is better according to me because it is an all-in-one package and offers many more features than most other paid plugins.

How much does Rankmath cost?

Rank Math costs just $49/year and you can use it for unlimited websites. So it is a great, cost-effective solution compared to its competitors.

Benefits of Reading This Blog Post –

  1. Know How To Install Rank Math & Migrate From Yoast
  2. Know What Benefits Rank Math Offers Over Other Plugins.
  3. Know The Pro’s And Con’s Of Rank Math By A Real User
  4. You will get a full insider look at the Rank Math Pro plugin.

If this review helps you in any sense, then get rank math from our affiliate link below to support the review project.

—–> Click here to head over to “RankMath” and get hands-on the best SEO tool today..!

Notice – Before Installing RankMath And performing a migration make sure you have backed up your WordPress website just to be on the safer side.

What is Rank Math SEO

Rank Math is a Search Engine Optimization Plugin For WordPress that automates a variety of SEO tasks and makes it easier to optimize content based on the latest google rankings factors

It helps us attain good SEO rankings in search engines. It takes care of all your basic on-page SEO needs and key AI optimized suggestions for content optimization to obtain better rankings

Rank Math not only helps with On-Page but it also does a number of tasks like internal and external links counting and suggestions, rank tracking, analytics dashboard, analytics, and AdSense code insertion, sitemap generation, 404 monitors, redirections manager, automatic sponsored tag insertion to affiliate links (New Feature) and a lot more. This list goes on and on 🙂

How To Migrate To Rank Math – Without Hurting SEO

So you have decided to migrate to rank math then don’t worry I am going to explain to you how to transfer all your SEO settings to rank math and make this migration successful

Step #1 – Make A Backup of Your WordPress Website

First, you make sure you have a backup of your website on your web hosting. Most web host offers on-demand backup. You can also use a tool like Updraft to get a backup of your WordPress website

Step #2 – Install Rank Math Without Disabling Yoast SEO Plugin

Now don’t disable Yoast, just install Rank Math from WordPress plugins directory and if you have the pro version then upload the pro version.

Install and activate both the plugins. If you are on free version only then no worry just install the free version

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Install & Activate RankMath

Step #3 – Now Migrate Your Data From Yoast (Other Plugins) To Rank Math

Now to migrate your date go to the following path and enter the setup wizard

1. Go To RankMath > Dashboard > Setup Wizard

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Open Setup Wizard RankMath

2. After You eneter setup wizard, select advanced mode (You can also select simple mode)

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Select Mode In Rank Math Setup Wizard

3. Setup Wizard will automatically detect Yoast in your website and ask for migration

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Import Yoast Settings To Rank Math

4. Hit Continue after Yoast data is imported by Rank Math

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Hit Continue After Rank Math Imported All SEO Settings

5. Add Logo & Social Share Image which appears when your website homepage is shared in social media

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Add Blog Type, Logo & Social Share Image

6. Connect Your Rank Math Account To Your Website (Skip If don’t Need Analytics On WordPress dashboard)

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Connect Rank Math Account To The Plugin

7. Now Configure Your Sitemap In Rank Math Plugin

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Configure Your Sitemap Settings

8. Do Some Other SEO Tweaks According To Your Preference

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Other SEO Tweaks In Rank Math

9. After All This Your Website Is Ready To Rock & Roll With New & Much Better Rank Math SEO Plugin

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Rank Math Setup Completed

10. Next You will be prompted to advanced wizard to set up 404 monitor and redirection etc. Just click Continue to each module and you are done

This is it, You have successfully migrated to Rank Math which you were feared of. It was just a 5 minutes game and now you are done

Lets Talk a little bit more about Rank Math now, what features will you get with Rank Math that Yoast simply did not cared about offering 🙂

Rank Math VS Yoast SEO

I have talked about this before in the article why I switched to rank math SEO plugin and one of those reasons were updates and staying up to the mark with industry trends

Let’s understand this with latest example from January 2022

Right Now IndexNow is very much in the trend in SEO and all search engines are also adopting it and even google has said they might use IndexNow as well

If you are unfamiliar with IndexNow read this awesome resource by RankMath on this

Today I got this email from Bhanu Ahluwalia, and I was amazed to see they already implemented IndexNow and made it a reality in RankMath

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Email By Bhanu Ahluwalia

Now you know how fast these guys are rolling in updates 🙂

And what about Yoast, Its not even on their drawing board yet. This is why I love Rank Math

They have already implemented Image SEO in the plugin in while Yoast still has nothing like this

Rank Math has the fastest and stable updates and its one of main reason I switched to this awesome plugin

Features Of RankMath

Rank Math offers a number of features and we will be discussing them one by one here

Most of the premium features other SEO plugins offer are free in Rank Math SEO plugin

Here are some of the features this cool plugin offers

  1. 1 Click Import from Yoast SEO plugin & Other SEO Plugins
  2. Free redirection manager which is offered as premium tool in other plugins
  3. Almost all important schema types supported
  4. XML sitemaps with full SEO control over them
  5. Import Schema From other pages in pro version
  6. Easy to Follow Setup Wizard To setup the plugin & Transfer data
  7. Content Ai for content optimization
  8. Advanced SEO Analytics module in the plugin
  9. Clean UI & Interface
  10. Built In Rank Tracker for keyword position tracking with position history
  11. Top winning and losing keywords data
  12. You can validate schema code in the plugin itself
  13. Support to add knowledge graph meta data
  14. Integrated google trend in the plugin to compare keywords
  15. Automated Image SEO (Not In Any Other Plugin)
  16. Optimization For Local SEO
  17. Advanced WooCommerce SEO support
  18. SEO Analysis tool integrated
  19. Bulk Edit your posts
  20. Page Speed Tracker
  21. Social media images with watermark
  22. Automatic pinging to search engines
  23. Add SEO meta to author profiles
  24. Link Builder – Internal Linking Tool (Coming Soon)
  25. htaccess editor inbuilt
  26. Strip category base
  27. Robots.txt editor
  28. Elementor, Divi, & Gutenberg Integration
  29. Awesome support to its users

These are some of the features Rank Math is offering and can’t wait to see internal linking module in the plugin

Top Benefits of Using RankMath WordPress SEO Plugin

I am using Rank Math from 1 year now and it offers you a lot of benefits for using it as compared to other plugins

Let’s discus all of them one by one

1. We Can Enable Or Disable Required Modules Of Plugins

Making the plugin heavy by having features that you are not going to use on your website is simply not worth it

e.g. If you are not using woocommerce on your blog its not not a good idea to have those features because you are actually not using them

So disabling such features can save a good amount of resources of your server

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Rank Math Modules

As you can see I have disabled amp module because I am not using it, This makes the plugin lighter and very much clean.

So you only deal with the modules you actually need on your website

2. Rank Math LSI Keywords Suggestions Feature

Rank Math unique feature is that you get LSI suggestions based on relevancy to the primary keyword you type

It make s keyword targeting so much easier and you get a clear idea how to write content for better SEO optimization

Combining this feature with latest launched ContentAI feature completely changes the game and makes it easier to optimize the blog posts

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LSI Keywords Suggestions

3. Rank Math Content AI Makes It Easy To Optimize The Blog Posts

Rank Math recently launched Content AI feature makes it extremely easy to plan and optimize blog posts in a better way

You just enter your focus keyword and the Content AI makes suggestions according to the top ranking pages

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Content AI By Rank Math
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Keywords Suggestions By Rank Math Content AI

These AI based suggestions make it extremely easy to update your content. But TBH always do manual research and still today no tool can beat your skill if you do it again and again then you will have good experience in writing and optimizing a blog post even without a tool

4. No Separate Schema Plugin Required

If you are using rankmath you don’t need any extra plugin to add schema data to your website

Rankmath does all of that for you. Just select the right data and enter your details and that’s it

Remember those old days we used to use different plugins for different schema, then we shifted to schema pro plugin. After all that Rank Math stepped in and everything changed

Your schema settings are all in built in RankMath. No separate plugin required

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Rank Math Supported Schema Types

Rank Math google trends integration makes it a best tool to get keyword trends insights while writing with even leaving WordPress

When setting your focus keyword you will see a google trends button you can compare the keywords popularity using the google trends information

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Click This Button To Get Google Trends Insights

You will get a report like this

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Google Trends Insights

So these are the 5 main features for which I recommend rank math to my readers. Also pricing is another factor

Why Should You Get The Pro Version Of Rank Math

The above features are mostly included in free plan but the content ai feature has only 5 credits

But in the pro version their are a lot of features that takes your SEO game on just another level

This level of features are not offered by any other plugin but only rankmath does. These features are the most common reason to but Rank Math Pro Version Today

Here are some of the features I am talking about

1. Easy To Analyze Analytics Module

Rank Math offers Analytics module in free as well as pro version but the data on every page level in pro version makes the job much easier

You can analyze for which keywords your blog post is showing up on google and what are its rankings

While to get the same data from search console is just a headache to put every URL in page field and then filter the data

But with Rank Math Pro get all that data right in your wordpress dashboard with complete control of your data with you. It is not shared with anyone online not even Rank Math stores it. All the data is stored on your server only. You delete it its gone for good from your server

So Privacy is also taken care of precisely by Rank Math Dev Team here 🙂

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Page Level Analytics

Below this info you will also see keyword this page is ranking for and at what positions all in one dashboard organized for you

2. Rank Tracker By Rank Math Pro

Keeping track of your rankings is an important part of your SEO game so there are a lot of softwares out there which offers rank tracking services and they cost around $50 – $100 a month

With rank math pro small yearly cost you can track 500 keywords on your wordpress dashboard itlself.

If you get Rank Math on special occasions then you will get up to 1000 keywords for tracking

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Rank Tracker By Rank Math Pro

A typical rank tracker software costs around this much shown below, so you can guess how much you can save with rank math pro

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SERanking Cost For The Same Rank Tracking Feature

You can Save around $1000 by just getting Rank Math Pro for 49$ and also a lot of other benefits

3. Schema Import Feature From Any Blog Post Online

Schema is a big thing in SEO right now and sometime you see a website using a schema and you want to know which schema is that site using for that perticular page

You might even want to implement the same then with Rank Math Pro you can simply import the schema from a particular page to your URL and do some basic modifications

You just go to schema generator and import the schema from your target URL

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Schema Options In Rank Math Pro

Schema Module of Rank Math in unbeatable right no and there is not competitor that is even challenging Rank Math in this module right now

4. Internal Linking Tool (Coming Soon)

I did looked into the Rank Math Roadmap. When I saw they are planning to launch Internal linking management tool 🙂

So they are going to take on internal linking tools like Link Whisper

I can’t to try this tools out. Will be using it on my test site when it comes in beta and will update this section once it is live

Basically with this tool you can actually set a few anchors for a post, so that whenever that word comes in the text rankmath will automatically interlink your posts

This will save a ton of time and you might even ditch tools like link whisper and save a few hundred dollars also

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Rank Math Pro Internal Linking Tool

This tool might change how people look at Rank Math. No other tool is giving updates at this pace in the industry right now

This feature will become one of the main reason why people will be buying Rank Math Pro

Want to be an early bird. Hop in now…!

Get RankMath SEO Pro Today…!

Get the best SEO plugin in your inventory, change the ay you do SEO 🙂

Pros & Cons of Rank Math

Now its time for something you would find on every Rank Math Review at first place. But mine at last 🙂

Why I wanted to let you guys first understand why tool has been a game changer for me. So let’s talk about Pro’s & Con’s (I Feel After 1 Year Of Usage)

Pros –

  1. Extremely Easy To Use With Responsive Layout
  2. Free Versions Offers All Features Of Premium Versions Of Other Plugins, and I would say even a lot more
  3. Easy To Setup Importer To Import Data From Other Plugins
  4. Schema Module Covers Almost All Schema Types and reduces load of an extra plugin from your website
  5. Optimization For Multiple Keywords Possible
  6. Compatible with elementor, divi and Gutenberg and other page builders as well
  7. Image SEO Implemented to add alt tags to images automatically
  8. Analytics module integrated in dashboard to get traffic insights easily
  9. Does not slows your website, Extremely Lightweight
  10. Redirection Module Is Also Included For Free Here
  11. Content AI helps in optimization of content in the editor so no third party tool needed now


  1. You can move from rankmath to other plugins easily as other plugins do not support migration option
  2. Other than this the biggest cons of Rank Math is that they have no other cons :), At least I cannot think of

So this is it for now 🙂


So this is all regarding Rank Math SEO plugin review. Let me know if you liked it or not

I would love to see your reactions in the comment section. Let me know if you need any help

Have you got your copy of Rank Math Pro, If not then get yours now

Get RankMath SEO Pro Today…!

Get the best SEO plugin in your inventory, change the ay you do SEO 🙂

If you face any difficulty just let me know in the comment section, I’m always ready to help


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Hi, I am Shivam Sharma a Research Enthusiast and part-time Blogger, Web Designer, Affiliate Marketer, and founder of BloggingCapital. Here, I post about blogging to help people make money online.

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  1. Hey Shivam,
    that’s a great review of the Rank Math plugin.
    I’m using Yoast on my main site and AIO SEO plugin on my niche blogs.
    RankMath has 1 million downloads, while Yoast has more than 5 million.
    Do you think it’s really worth a test with RankMath?


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