Rank Math PRO Nulled & Cracked – Avoid Using It Why?

Don’t Destroy Your Website

Instead of using nulled Rank Math Pro version on your blog. Get a free Rank Math account today and make your website safe. A few features are better than a hacked website. 🙂

Security issue is the biggest concern when it comes to nulled plugins. Nulled RankMath Pro plugin can contain malicious code that might compromise sensitive website data, create backdoor access to WordPress, or otherwise get you might become a victim of SEO spam that can lead to deindexing from the search engines.

So you are after the “Shiny Object Syndrome“?

You saw another website using Rankmath Pro and you want to do the same, but don’t have the budget right now.

We all know how powerful RankMath Pro is for your WordPress website. But using RankMath Pro Nulled on your blog might get your blog infected with Malware.

In this blog post, I want to tell you why you should not use the nulled Rankmath PRO plugin; otherwise, your website will end up having backdoors like this.

wordpress backdoor
Backdoor Code Example

However this is not the only type, backdoors in a blog can exist in a number of ways.

Or you might already have such malware on your blog if you are already using a nulled rank math plugin

But the most horrifying thing about it is that you don’t know about it if you don’t take the right steps.

I know you want to skip this blog post now but if you give yourself 5 min to read this blog post it might stop your blog from being deindexed from google

website deindexed example
Website Deindexed Example

I am sure you don’t want your blog to end up like this, as Google has been in hunting mode this year.

So here are some reasons why you should avoid nulled & cracked versions of rank math PRO

So Let’s Get Started

Why You Should Not Use Nulled RankMath Pro

This is the ultimate guide on why using nulled RankMath Pro plugin is a bad idea

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my RankMath affiliate link, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you.” I’ll earn a commission, which will help me run this blog completely free.

It’s not just about Rankath Pro but all other plugins also. You should not use nulled plugins on your blog.

While using nulled/cracked version, there is a high probability that you might be a victim of data loss, malware, data theft, and deindexing from search engines which can lead you to legal troubles where you might end up paying huge legal fees to your lawyers.

I highly recommend you avoid using the nulled/cracked rank math pro plugin, and if you can’t afford the $59/mo plan, chances are your website is so small that you don’t even need it now.

Even I used RankMath free version for more than 1 year and shifted to the pro once my website needed it.

Not just this, There are some more reasons why you should not use nulled rank math plugin.

Let’s know about them one by one.

Reasons Not To Use Nulled RankMath Pro Plugin

Here are some of the reasons to avoid nulled RankMath Pro plugin

1. High Risk Of Website Malware

Let me be frank, the Uncle Jon you are following on the internet gives you these free nulled plugins with so-called Safe To Use guarantees is fooling you.

I bet if you are still using one of the nulled plugins you probably have malware on your website or a backdoor access to your blog and surprisingly you still don’t know it.

Probably you trust your Uncle John too much but in reality, he is sucking the SEO juice from your website without you even knowing it.

We will talk about how to fix this issue in a minute (Don’t Worry About That)

2. Compromised Website Data

A nulled plugin will get your blog vulnerable to data theft. Suppose you grow your website to a certain extent and now your data is a huge priority for you.

You deleted all the nulled plugins but still, there are chances that your blog might have a backdoor.

The hacker can access your website data which is crucial for the blog owner and I think you know this better than anyone else.

I am sure you don’t want your website data to be compromised.

3. Privacy Issue

With the use of Nulled plugins, forget about privacy. If you are using an unsupported version of rank math that has security issues.

You might lose your username and password, and if by chance you are using the same password in your hosting and domain registrar.

Say goodbye to your successful blog, and apply for a job at McDonald 🙂

Using nulled plugins can get you in trouble. If somehow the plugin developer decided to teach you a lesson then you might end up paying huge legal fees to your lawyers.

Nobody likes to go to court, except lawyers. I am sure you also feel the same

5. No Plugin Security Updates

Any plugin is not safe if it is not continuously supported by its developer. I personally use Rankmath because they provide regular security updates.

Before switching to the rank math [ro version 1 year ago I found that rank math gets a security audit done every 3 months for their plugin.

Then I decided to switch to Rank Math, and I liked the plugin so much that I now use the pro version.

6. You Probably Don’t Need Pro Version Right Now

Let me say it, if you can’t afford it right now then you probably don’t need it right now.

That’s it. With my website growing initially I didn’t feel any need for the pro version.

Till today I just use the Analytics module of the Pro version, all other features my blog needs are included in the free version.

So don’t run after shiny objects, if you can’t afford them you simply might not need them now.

7. Most Features Included In The Free Version

RankMath is the only plugin that has included most of the features given by its competitors in their pro version is completely free and much better optimized in the free version of the rank math plugin.

So just to have a few more features which you will not be using much often. Making your website at huge risk of malware is simply not a good idea.

8. Respect The Developer’s Efforts

Suppose you develop a software and the community is misusing it without paying you even a minimal amount, you won’t feel good.

Rank math is the only company that provided and supported the plugin for about 2+ years without having the pro version.

RankMath has made a significant impact on my websites and while other plugins ask for a huge amount just to include the redirection module in the plugin, rank math was the only one to provide all those features for free.

So respect the developers and stop using Nulled Version of RankMath Pro

Rank Math PRO Nulled Plugin Tests

Now I personally did a nulled plugin test where I installed a nulled plugin on one of my test websites and will tell how these guys are fooling you and where they install the malware on your website

Here is what I did to complete this test.

I installed nulled rank math pro from an online source for testing purposes only on my test website.

Note: Never try this with your live website. You might hurt your website’s SEO

Results: Here is what happened after I kept the nulled plugin which created a backdoor on my website installed for a few weeks on my website

stealeing info notice from google
Security Notice

I got a security notice in my google search console for the test site. So this is how google will react to nulled plugins on your blog.

What actually happened is despite having SSL installed on my blog, the nulled plugin used to serve a few HTTP pages on the website which google picked up and caused this security issue.

Sometimes it can be worse when your website can get blacklisted for using such plugins with malware leading to the removal of your website from the SERP.

Remember this is a test blog where I test different plugins before installing them on the live website. Even those with a license just to check they don’t conflict with the theme.

Now let me tell you the backdoor that the nulled plugin created and why it is extremely hard to find these issues on your site.

Hidden Malware
Hidden Malware

These 19 files created were present in different folders and were detected as a backdoor by the wordfence plugin.

So now you know why you should not use the Nulled rank math pro version, let us find out how you can fix a website hacked by nulled plugins back to its original configuration.

So remove all nulled plugins from your website and follow the next steps.

How To Clean Your Website Infected By Nulled Rank Math Pro Plugin

Now if you are using any nulled plugins on your website, delete them right now and we will fix any malware issue on your website

SIDENOTE: Your website might still have survived malware but it’s better to use the official source for rank math pro. If you don’t have one just use the free plugins, which include most of the important features. You might want to back up your blog before performing further steps.

Here are the essential steps that you need to follow to get rid of any malware from your blog or check whether you are a victim of such an attack

Step #1: Install Wordfence Plugin On Your Blog

You might have heard about the plugin and you need to install wordfence on your blog and check high sensitivity from the settings

Step #2: Perform A Complete Scan Of Your WordPress Blog

Now perform a complete scan of your WordPress blog, and after a few minutes, the plugin will generate a scan report for your blog. Allow wordfence to clean any detections on your blog

Step #3: Use WordPress tools to check WordPress integrity

You can also go to your Cpanel and WordPress tools and do a WordPress integrity check to see if your WordPress core files are clean or not. You can even reinstall WordPress core files without affecting your website’s data.

Step #4: Ask your web hosting provider for a malware scan and removal

Most reputed web hosting companies offer free malware removal. Even if they don’t ask them for a free scan and tell them you installed a third-party plugin by mistake. Most of the time they won’t refuse your request.

This is the most safe option for you if you don’t have any technical knowledge.

Step #5: Manually implement all security measures on the blog

You can also implement all security measures on your blog and it can be done with WordPress tools from Cpanel. You can ask your hosting provider to implement the same for you.

These are the 5 major steps you need to follow to fix your website, affected by malware.

Final Thoughts

Website malware is a huge issue. About 560,00 new pieces of malware are detected every day

These are some of the issues you can get after using nulled/cracked rank math pro or any other nulled plugin.

Get your website in safe hands today. Use the free Rank Math account on your website.

If you are convinced by this blog article, then get into the legit blogging business today. Get your free account now 🙂

Don’t Destroy Your Website

Instead of using nulled Rank Math Pro version on your blog. Get a free Rank Math account today and make your website safe. A few features are better than a hacked website. 🙂

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