[80% OFF] NameHero Black Friday 2021 Deals : (3 Days Only!)

If you have been recently looking for black Friday or cyber Monday deals then you may have heard of a new web hosting provider “NameHero“. Namehero is working online since 1998 in this industry.

Ryan Gray is the founder and CEO of Namehero, and he really knows what blogger needs in terms of hosting and they are growing independent web hosts with decades experience in internet and web hosting. I also moved my hosting from siteground to namehero

Let me tell you that the blog you currently visiting was also hosted on NameHero when I started. and I am extremely confident about this hosting. Find My NameHero Coupon Code Below and get namehero plan to experience in internet entrepreneurship.

The hosting gets even cheaper every year on the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2021 which NameHero Offers every year for few days.

The NameHero Black Friday schedule for 2021 is out now and the sales are final now with Namehero Coupon Codes with black friday domain 2021

The Black Friday Deal Will Be In 3 Different Phases, and Black Friday Cyber Monday sale will start at 10 a.m. CT, November 30th

  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Cyber Monday

Here Is The Best Coupon For NameHero Black Friday Which Is Available For the First 100 People

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NameHero Coupon Code

Get Upto 80% Off On Namehero After Using This Coupon. Click On Show Coupon Now
On Going Offer

—–> Click here to head over to “NameHero” To Get 75% Exclusive Discount For BloggingCapital Readers

NameHero Black Friday 2021 Date & Time :

Here are the 3 days when Namehero Black Friday Deal Will Be Live

  1. Black Friday – November 27th, 2021 (9:00 am to Midnight CST)
  2. Small Business Saturday – November 28th, 2021 (All day)
  3. Cyber Monday – November 30th, 2021 (10:00 am to Midnight CST)

We provide you the best Black Friday deals and only recommend the products that we have personally used in past or using currently. We offer you a free blog setup if you buy from our link

NameHero Black Friday And Cyber Monday Deal 2021 [80% Off]

Get NameHero Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deal Now

  1. How To Redeem NameHero Black Friday Deal
  2. NameHero Plans & Pricing
  3. NameHero Hosting Features

Disclosure: Please do note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my NameHero affiliate link, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you“, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products I’ve personally use and trust.

Why Only Namehero?

Because I have used the hosting for 1 year and I know how it is. See proof in the blog post I also hosted this blog on NameHero but shifted when my blog grew

How Namehero Competes With Its Rivals?

Namehero is Cheapest but offering the latest tech like Litespeed, MariaDB,, NVMe Storage and Namehero offers them all at the cheapest price from its rivals

How Is Namehero Support?

It’s much better than traditional hosts and comparable to Siteground support. Namehero does not tier their support on the basis of the plans you have. You get the same priority support irrespective of the plan you have purchased

1. How To Get NameHero Black Friday Deal

If you need help with redeeming Namehero Black Friday Deal Then Follow The Exact Steps

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NameHero Coupon Code

Get Upto 80% Off On Namehero After Using This Coupon. Click On Show Coupon Now
On Going Offer

1. Click here to head over to “Namehero” To Get a 75% Exclusive Discount For BloggingCapital Readers

After this you will land on a page like this below, so hit “Get Started

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Hit Get Started Now

2. Now Select Any Plan According To Your Budget

Select any plan according to your budget you have right now

namehero pricing
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Select Any Plan You Like

3. Now After Clicking Order Now, Go To Next Page And Select your Domain Name (2 Year Plan Only)

You will get free domain name if you get a 2 year plan for yourself

get domain from namehero
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Ad Your Domain Or Get New Domain

4. Skip Any Addons To Keep Price Lower

You can skip the addons to keep price lower (not needed)

select addons
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Skip These Addons And Hit Continue

5. Now Pay Your Price And You Are Done

After this add your account details and pay the price for your deal

add details and checkout
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Add Details And Checkout

Now you have a hosting account, If you purchase from us let us know we will give you a free blog setup

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NameHero Coupon Code

Get Upto 80% Off On Namehero After Using This Coupon. Click On Show Coupon Now
On Going Offer

1. Click here to head over to “Namehero” To Get a 75% Exclusive Discount For BloggingCapital Readers

You can use these links to get maximum discount on your purchase

2. NameHero Plans & Pricing

Namehero offers a very competitive pricing and they are by far the cheapest host out there with up to the mark features

NameHero Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals (2021): 80% Discount

NameHero PlansRegular costBlack Friday Offer
Starter Cloud$8.95/mo$3.58/mo
Plus Cloud$12.95/mo$6.45/mo
Turbo Cloud$19.95/mo$9.98/mo
Business Cloud$29.95/mo$15.57/mo
NameHero Black Friday Deals (Might Vary)

Here Is What You Will Get From Above NameHero Black Friday Cyber Monday 2021 Sale Offer

  • NameHero Black Friday Sale 2021: 80% Off Shared Hosting (Starting $1.79)
  • NameHero Coupon Code: blackfriday Link To Discount Page
  • Validity – 12:00 AM 11/26 Until 11:59 PM 12/9

If you are an action taker grab the deal now as there is a huge discount on NameHero Black Friday Cyber Monday Offer 2021. If you don’t get the offer now you may have to pay $300 Like Me. Don’t make the mistake that I did.

namehero black friday 2020
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NameHero Black Friday 2021 (I Paid $300 Before Black Friday)

NameHero Is Extremely Fast & Offers you SSD storage with raid 10 technology which protects your data. Any other hosting provider does not offers this because it doubles your server costs. But only NameHero is offering this service till now. Get NameHero Black Friday Hosting Offer and you an support my blog content by doing that also as i am namehero affiliate that is why i am able to provide you this much discount. I also actively do namehero hosting review. This deal is one of the best web hosting black friday deals 2021 with black friday domain offer 2021 by namehero.

3. NameHero Hosting Features

These are lot of awesome features that NameHero hosting offers that other web hosting companies simply resist even offer. CEO Ryan Gray has decided to start the NameHero Black Friday Offer from the Day instead of the midnight. So get Namehero black friday server deals 2021

1. LiteSpeed Web Server Technology

NameHero powers all its servers with LiteSpeed technology which is the fastest and most reliable among most of its competitors like apache, or Nginx.

Litespeed web servers are designed to use the server resources is more efficient manner and they can serve more active website visitors without harming the speed and response time of the website. Litespeed is also going to implement in house ssl so you will get namehero ssl also for free with black friday blogging deals

2. SSD With Raid 10 Technology

This is the feature that I can bet no other company will offer you even the most expensive hosting in the industry. Its called SSD’s with Raid 10 protection

What is does that keeps an extra copy of your files in other hard drives so if by any means one of your SSD’s fails then with the Raid 10 protection your website won’t go down and backup drive will be used.

Most of the companies simply resist offering you such a feature because it increases their server costs. But namehero thinks about the customers first.

3. MariaDB Databases

You may have heard of MySQL databases which is old technology and with growing data tables in your database, it will become bulky and will take huge time to process and give output to the user.

MariaDB is the fastest database technology and I have seen only NameHero have shifted to such databases while all other hosts uses the same old world database technologies.

4. Autobackups & 1 Click Restore

This is a must have feature when you are looking for a web hosting company. Because anytime you can mess up your website and you need an immediate fix.

With NameHero 1 click backup restore feature you can backup and restore your website with just 1 click and restore to an older version with 1 click.

5. Fast 24/7 Support

Namehero provides fast 24/7 support to its customers. You can contact Namehero via chat system, ticket system or directly via call.

I have seen the agents reply with seconds in the chat system, while 5 to 10 minutes in the ticket system, and I never used the phone support because I never needed it. All my problems are solved just with a live chat support agent.

6. Transparency At Peak

If you look at the namehero website they simply are the most transparent hosting company out there. They tell you how your server specs are like ram CPU cores etc.

All other web hosting providers are hiding these specs because they never wanted to know you about what are your server specs. You have to deal with whatever you are given in other hosts but namehero changes al this and is extremely transparent with you.

7. Namehero Renewal Discounts

A most common issue with most web hosts is that their higher renewal cost. Namehero provides you a break on that

Matching Funds Limits On Black Friday o get a discount on renewal

  1. 100% Match (For First 100 Customers) – Deposit $500 or more will get you 100% fund matched and you can get $500 free in your account as a Black Friday Bonus which you can later use to renew your sevices
  2. 50% Match (For First 100 Customers) – Deposit 250$ or more will get you 50% matched and you can get extra $125 in your account funds
  3. 50% Match (After 100 Cutomers) – Deposit $500 get $250 – Matched 50% Deposit $250 get $62.50

So Namehero Black Friday Not only give offers to new customers but also existing customers discount are offered. They also offer reseller hosting plans and vps hosting offers on this black friday cyber monday discount

So what are you waiting for get a plan on black friday hosting sale 2021 from namehero web hosting…?

They also offer black friday web hosting offers 2021 with black friday domain deals 2021.

Check The Offer Yourself From Below…!

Get your account in this limited deal or wait for next year 🙂

FAQ’s Related To NameHero Black Friday Deal 2021

Here are some of the most asked NameHero Black Friday Offers Deals 2021

✅Is NmaeHero fast?

NameHero is by far the fastest hosting provider with SSD’s, MariaDB, and LiteSpeed technologies built in the servers.

How can I purchase NameHero Black Friday Deal 2021

To purchase namehero black Friday you can go through any of the links in the post and get up to 80% discount on this Black Friday

Is NameHero Hosting Better Than Siteground?

Yes, Namehero average response time is about 480ms while that of siteground gogeek plan is 528ms and the uptime of namehero is 100% while siteground had 99.89% uptime

Does NameHero Offer Free SSL?

Yes, Namehero offers free SSL to its customer for domain and all subdomains. for free.

What Is Siteground Black Friday?

From 29 November To 3rd Of December Nmaehero just like other hosting companies offers huge discounts to their customers upto 80% off


So this was all regarding NameHero Black Friday Deal, Let me know which features you like the most in Namehero Hosting

I would love to see you views

Have you got your account or not?

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NameHero Coupon Code

Get Upto 80% Off On Namehero After Using This Coupon. Click On Show Coupon Now
On Going Offer

—–> Click here to head over to “NameHero” To Get 75% Exclusive Discount For BloggingCapital Readers

To know more about the deals visit official official namehero black friday deals info page here



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