[Live Now] NameHero Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals (2021): 80% Discount

If you have been recently looking for black Friday or cyber Monday deals then you may have heard of a new web hosting provider “NameHero“.

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Let me tell you that the blog you currently visiting is also hosted on NameHero and I am extremely confident about this hosting.

The hosting gets even cheaper every year on the Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale 2020 which NameHero Offers every year for few days.

NameHero Black Friday Cyber Monday Deals (2020): 80% Discount

NameHero PlansRegular costBlack Friday Offer
Starter Cloud$8.95/mo$3.58/mo
Plus Cloud$12.95/mo$6.45/mo
Turbo Cloud$19.95/mo$9.98/mo
Business Cloud$29.95/mo$15.57/mo

Here Is What You Will Get From Above NameHero Black Friday Cyber Monday 2020 Sale Offer

  • NameHero Black Friday Sale 2020: 80% Off Shared Hosting (Starting $1.79)
  • NameHero Coupon Code: blackfriday Link To Discount Page
  • Validity – 12:00 AM 11/26 Until 11:59 PM 12/9

If you are an action taker grab the deal now as there is a huge discount on NameHero Black Friday Cyber Monday Offer 2020. If you don’t get the offer now you may have to pay $300 Like Me. Don’t make the mistake that I did.

namehero black friday 2020
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NameHero Black Friday 2020 (I Paid $300 Before Black Friday)

NameHero Is Extremely Fast & Offers you SSD storage with raid 10 technology which protects your data. Any other hosting provider does not offers this because it doubles your server costs. But only NameHero is offering this service till now.

How To Activate NameHero Black Friday Cyber Monday Deal 2020

1. Click On This NameHero Black Friday Deal Offer Link

2. Now click On the Get Started Button

namehero get started
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3. Now select any of the plan you like for your website (I Use Turbo Cloud)

namehero plans
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NmaeHero Plans (Check Real Prices After Visiting NameHero)

3. Select Your Domain (Register A New One For Free With 2 Years Or More Plan Or Use Your Old Domain)

namehero select domain
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5. Now Click Continue (Don’t Check Any Upsell)

namehero upsell
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Click Continue (NameHero Is Super Transparent & Don’t Force Aby Upsell Tick By Default)

4. Now go to the CheckOut and put your details and get your namehero account at 50% – 80% Namehero BlackFriday offer section

NameHero hosting is an excellent hosting service that I personally use on this blog and recommend to all my visitors and other bloggers who want to get a reliable and extremely fast hosting provider.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links from which I’ll earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. When you purchase hosting using my SiteGround affiliate link, they compensate me, which helps make this guide free of charge to you. Know that I only recommend products and services I’ve personally used and trust. NameHero is industry leading hosting and come up even faster than Siteground Gogeek Plan with 100% uptime. Proof Ahead In Post

Bonus – I have a bonus for you if you purchase through me Grab The Deal From This Link

After you purchase feel free to mail me and send your purchase receipt for free blog setup and design and bonus like free premium themes and plugins from me.

NameHero Hosting Features –

These are lot of awesome features that NameHero hosting offers that other web hosting companies simply resist to even offer

1. LiteSpeed Web Server Technology

NmaeHero powers all their servers with LiteSpeed technology which is the fastest and most reliable among most of its competitors like apache, or Nginx.

Litespeed web servers are designed to use the server resources is more efficient manner and they can serve more active website visitors without harming the speed and response time of the website.

2. SSD With Raid 10 Technology

This is the feature that I can bet no other company will offer you even the most expensive hosting in the industry. Its called SSD’s with Raid 10 protection

What is does that keeps an extra copy of your files in other hard drives so if by any means one of your SSD’s fails then with the Raid 10 protection your website won’t go down and backup drive will be used.

Most of the companies simply resist offering you such a feature because it increases their server costs. But namehero thinks about the customers first.

3. MariaDB Databases

You may have heard of MySQL databases which is old technology and with growing data tables in your database, it will become bulky and will take huge time to process and give output to the user.

MariaDB is the fastest database technology and I have seen only NameHero have shifted to such databases while all other hosts uses same old world database technologies.

4. Autobackups & 1 Click Restore

This is a must have feature when you are looking for a web hosting company. Because anytime you can mess up your website and you need an immediate fix.

With NameHero 1 click backup restore feature you can backup and restore your website with just 1 click and restore to an older version with 1 click.

5. Fast 24/7 Support

Namehero provides fast 24/7 support to its customers. You can contact Namehero via chat system, ticket system or directly via call.

I have seen the agents reply with seconds in the chat system, while 5 to 10 minutes in the ticket system, and I never used the phone support because I never needed it. All my problems are solved just with a live chat support agent.

6. Transparency At Peak

If you look at the namehero website they simply are the most transparent hosting company out there. They tell you how your server specs are like ram CPU cores etc.

All other web hosting providers are hiding these specs because they never wanted to know you about what are your server specs. You have to deal with whatever you are given in other hosts but namehero changes al this and is extremely transparent with you.

FAQ’s Related To NameHero Black Friday Deal 2020

Here are some of the most asked NameHero Black Friday Offers Deals 2020

✅Is NmaeHero fast?

NameHero is by far the fastest hosting provider with SSD’s, MariaDB, and LiteSpeed technologies built in the servers.

How can i purchase NameHero Black Friday Deal 2020

To purchase namehero black Friday you can go through any of the links in the post and get up to 80% discount on this Black Friday

Is NameHero Hosting Better Than Siteground?

Yes, Namehero average response time is about 480ms while that of siteground gogeek plan is 528ms and the uptime of namehero is 100% while siteground had 99.89% uptime

Does NameHero Offer Free SSL?

Yes, Namehero offers free SSL to its customer for domain and all subdomains. for free.

What Is Siteground Black Friday?

From 29 November To 3rd Of December Nmaehero just like other hosting companies offers huge discounts to their customers upto 80% off

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