Marketmuse Review 2021: AI Content Optimization Software

Investing in an SEO tool is no joke, It is very important to know that if the money is worth it to spend on such a tool

Today in this Marketmuse Review, with in-depth analysis on how can this tool help you level up your content marketing game to another level and get ahead of your competitors

You might have a lot of questions in your mind like

  1. Is it worth it?
  2. Does it really help in content writing
  3. Is it better than other tools out there

You will get answers to all these questions in this detailed review. We will cover each and every aspect in this Maketmuse Review

Here is how the tool looks in UI when you log in to the account.

MarketMuse Review Inside Look Into The Tool
marketmuse lab
MarketMuse Optimization

The tool has an inbuilt lot of features that we will discuss one by one but personally, I loved the content optimization tool. I used the tool to optimize one of my blog posts which was over-optimized for keywords.

As soon as I fixed the content, the blog post ranked on the first page instead of 4th earlier

Marketmuse Review By Real Users With Real Tests (2021)

Best Marketmuse Review Based On Real Data & Users

  1. What Is MarketMuse?
  2. Who Should I Use MarketMuse?
  3. MarketMuse Most Popular Features
  4. How To Use MarketMuse
  5. MaketMuse Plans & Pricing

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Does MarketMuse Have Free Plan?

Yes MarketMuse Does Offer a free plan also with a few limitations on how much content you can optimize with a free plan

Do I Need Credit Card For Activating Free Trial?

No, you can get a free trial of Marketmuse without any cc, So no risk is included here to try out this awesome software

Benefits Of Reading This Blog Post –

  1. Know What Is MarketMuse?
  2. How To Use It
  3. Is it worth your time & money?
  4. Exclusive Marketmuse deal

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1. What Is MarketMuse?

If you have heard about this tool recently then you might be wondering what is MarketMuse?

MarketMuse is simply an all in one content optimization tool that will take care of your workflows, content optimization, and planning all in one place

It takes care of almost everything like topic research, planning, optimization, and workflows. Optimize your existing content and leverage content gaps for a keyword to create the best content that ranks

This explainer video might help you understand about MarketMuse

MarketMuse AI Content Platform

Here is a simple difference between Marketmuse and other tools with similar functionalities

MarketMuse patented
MarketMuse Tech Vs Other Tools Tech

You can see from this representation how Marketmuse has superior AI-powered content suggestions as compared to other tools

2. Why Should I Use MarketMuse?

This is an obvious question why should I use MarketMuse when there are caper options.

That’s right, but cheaper options come with cheaper tech also. If you need a superior AI-powered content optimization tool then marketmuse is the right option for you

But it’s a big monthly investment so taking a demo from MarketMuse team, which they can provide easy, and getting your team familiar with the tool before you actually commit to the tool right away will be a great move

3. MarketMuse Most Popular Features

So now let’s cover the most popular features covered by MarketMuse and how it makes them different from other SEO tools out there

Marketmuse tool has three main features section

  1. Inventory
  2. Projects
  3. Applications

1. Inventory

The inventory tracks all your content, reports, and saved data. You can track your content performance and optimization rate

marketmuse inventory
MarketMuse Inventory

2. Projects

In this section, you can manage all the projects you are working on right now. It actually works like your content workflow

marketmuse projects
MarketMuse Projects

3. Applications

This is the main feature of the MarketMuse tool which helps you research & optimize the content you are writing for better search rankings

marketmuse applications
Marketmuse Applications

4. How To Use MarketMuse

We can understand this with a live example, Suppose we want to optimize for a keyword like “How To Start A Blog

marketmuse content editor
MarketMuse Content Editor

To use the content editor you just need o put your keyword and URL on the top bar and hit run/fetch

MarketMuse AI will analyze the top-ranking pages for better content suggestions

content scores maketmuse
Content Scores Of Top Ranking Articles

5. MaketMuse Plans & Pricing

MarketMuse is an expensive software but it comes with a lot of advantages compared to other tools

Here is the latest pricing model used by them

marketmuse pricing
MarketMuse Pricing

It is recommended to use the free version at headstart or get a free trail which does not even require a credit card

You can test the software for a few days then decide whether it is a good fit for you or not

We recommend Standard Plan when you just start with the tool if you decide to upgrade from a free account

The premium plan requires you to have a large team that can help you out with content optimization at scale

FAQ Regarding Marketmuse Review

Here are some frequently asked questions about Marketmuse

Is Marketmuse Overpriced

The premium version looks expensive but you don’t have to use the premium version. The standard version will work just fine for you as well

Does MarketMuse Offer Lifetime Deal?

No, but you can get a huge discount on our exclusive deal offered to bloggingcapital readers only

Final Thoughts

So here are my final thoughts after using the MarketMuse Premium version. It’s definitely a great tool if you want to scale your content marketing game and optimize your content for better rankings

But starting with lower plans will help you a lot to understand the software better. Once your team get familiar with the tool you can think about getting the premium version

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Let me know in the comment section which features you liked most in this tool

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Let me know if you need any help regarding this tool



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