John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review 2021 (Real Review?)

You might have read a lot of John Crestani’s Affiliate System reviews before right?

Some say it’s a scam and few say they got results, but have you ever wondered did they ever purchased the course or not..?

Probably not…

Because they bullshit one course and promote alternatives with it…

This is a common method of getting more sales by gaining readers trust by bullshitting one course and then promoting other as alternative

Sounds crazy right…

Yes it is actually, So today you will see a full review of John Crestani’s course and about hours (70+) researching online about the course and getting feedback from real users

In this review you will learn and know about

  1. What is Super Affiliate System
  2. Can you trust John Crestani
  3. Is it a scam (Real Reviews By Real Users)
  4. Should you buy it..?

This is going to be my most researched review as it costs a lot of money and I feel that it is my responsibility to make a good review to get your doughts cleared

So Let’s get started…

John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review Verdict

The Secret Affiliate System Is A Step By Step Blueprint Course Created By John Crestani Which Claims To Skyrocket Your Affiliate Incomes By Using His Tactics

Price: One payment of $997 or three payments of $397

Pros: A Step By Step Affiliate Blueprint

Cons: No Refunds & Questionable Public Figure

Want To Get The Course?

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You still need to know about the course then keep reading the review –

John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review 2021 – Real Reviews

The Ultimate Step By Step Guide To Super Affiliate System

  1. Who Is John Crestani?
  2. What is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System?
  3. Is the Super Affiliate System legit or a scam?
  4. Super Affiliate System Price + Discount Info
  5. Overview of Super Affiliate System PRO
  6. Super Affiliate System PRO Course Preview

Disclosure: Please do note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my ClickBank affiliate link, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you“, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products I’ve personally use and trust.

Why Should I Purchase This Course?

You should purchase this course only if you can really afford it. Hohn himself make around $% million from the same method every year

Is there any discount on this product?

Only the promotional discount which is available for everyone online to get the course for $997, no other coupon is available

I have personally bought many courses to upgrade my skills in affiliate marketing

Here is my complete review of John Crestani’s Course After This Much Research

Are you ready for the review, We Will Get You an Inside Peek Of The Course Also. Read Carefully

Let Get Started…

Who Is John Crestani?

So who is this guy John Crestani actually…

John Crestani
John Crestani

John Crestani Is A Affiliate Marketer From Los Angeles And Known For His Expertise In Paid Advertising And Who Sells Super Affiliate System As Training To Replace Your Current Income With Affiliate Income In 6 Weeks

Here is the bio from his about page on his website

john crestani bio
John Crestani Bio On His Webste

I also did the research for 70+ hours for this review and found out that he has a questionable history of selling products but one thing I have noticed the people criticizing him also sell their products in the same niche or promoting other products as alternatives

That sounds fishy for the people who are criticizing as well, they are selling their own products using the John Crestani’s name

John Crestani About Video

Here is the John Crestani’s Promo Video Of His Webinar…(For Super Affiliate System)

Remember that I also earn a lot from affiliate marketing, so this review contains my research and real reviews and the affiliate commission does not affect the quality of my review

More than 300,000 people have subscribed to John Crestani YouTube channel. And thousands have joined john crestani affiliate system

What is John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System?

What is John Cestani’s Super Affiliate System and does it worth your time and money

Super Affiliate System is a step by step 6 weeks training on affiliate marketing where john promises to replace your current income with affiliate income in 6 weeks

John has been featured on ForbesInc., Affiliate Summit, Yahoo Finance, and Home Business.

John’s annual affiliate revenue is about $5 million a year

His expertise includes:

  • Internet Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Ads
  • Conversion Optimization

And much more.  

03 super affiliate system art
Super Affilate System 3.0

Super Affiliate System Promo Art

Is the Super Affiliate System legit or a scam?

Based on 70+ Hours of research The Super Affiliate System is not a scam and most negative reviews are either promoting their own product by using the name of John Crestani or promoting a Alternative which they are also affiliate of

This technique is well known in an industry where you bullshit one product and promote another product as an alternative

People fall in this too because they think the guy is super legit but actually, he is selling you another product by bullshitting one product

Super Affiliate System Price + Discount Info

John Crestani says the course sells for 5 grand but I did not found any student who bought it for 5 grand

But this is a common selling tactic which he is using and everyone else is using in the industry so you cannot call this a scam based on this

Super Affiliate System usually costs $997. There is also a payment plan option, where you can buy the course for 3 monthly payments of $397.

super affiliate system discount
Super Affiliate System Discount

I think this code works for everyone who buys but this is a very common sales tactic and you will see this everywhere

Overview of Super Affiliate System PRO

The Super Affiliate System has been rebranded from Internet Jetset System

Super Affiliate System is a 6 weeks 50hours+ course and that will help you generate your affiliate income online

The course is more focused on online advertising PPC optimization and not the organic approach

Here is the Week By Week plan of Super Affiliate System

Week 1 – Setup

  1. How to make your first commission
  2. How to get approve to your first affiliate networks so you can start earning commissions
  3. How to setup your ads, presell pages, and affiliate links, no prior experience required
  4. How to setup facebook ads that convert on broad audiences
  5. How to leverage affiliate networks and their representatives so that they work for you, for free

Week 2 – Choosing Your Niche

  1. How to create the right mindset to help you succeed even if you’ve never been successful in any other business before
  2. How to figure out the niche and affiliate offers that will work best for you
  3. How to choose an ad network to specialize on
  4. How to create competitive advantages for yourself as an online marketer

Week 3 – Advanced Marketing Skills

  1. What copywriting is, and how you can write highly profitable headlines for your advertisements
  2. 5 keys to a profitable presell page
  3. How to tap into people’s deepest emotions to hypnotize them to buy
  4. My 17-step copywriting method that works
  5. Advanced optimization tactics that will allow you to take affiliate campaigns from barely breaking even, to being massively profitable

Week 4 – Facebook & Google Advertising

  1. How to create facebook advertising campaigns that generate clickthroughs and ROI
  2. How to stay compliant with Facebooks complex and ever-changing policies so that you never get an ad account shutdown
  3. How to understand all the different metrics in advertising so that you can safely navigate your way to profitibility
  4. How to leverage Google’s advertising network to consistently generate clicks and sales to your presell pages

Week 5 – Youtube Ads & Native Advertising

  1. How to setup Youtube ads so that you can get penny clicks, quick way to scale up profitably
  2. What native advertising is, and how you can use native advertising networks such as Taboola, Outbrain, and MGID to fuel your affiliate marketing business
  3. How to use a clicktracker to do even more advanced optimization on your advertising campaigns.
  4. Secrets to profitable video ads on Facebook
  5. How to structure your advertising campaigns effectively

Week 6 – Scaling and Automation

  • How to use survey funnels to supercharge your facebook conversion rates
  • The $240k solar campaign case study
  • How to scale affiliate campaigns from $1000/day profit, to $20,000+ per day profit
  • How to hire and manage media buyers, and build an organization around your affiliate marketing campaigns

Resources – Offered By John Crestani

John Crestani Offers a few resources for free to get your sales going asap

1. Buyers Data

You will get access to buyers data that are ready to purchase products online to keep the ball rolling asap

2. Ad Templates

The ad templates by John Crestani that sell like crazy so don’t have to do hard work and testing by different ad conversions by spending a lot of money

3. Presell Pages

Get the presell pages templates to create your high converting selling pages immediately

4. VIP Pass to Affiliate Networks

In John’s network you will get VIP pass access to affiliate networks and that will help you get approved for products promotion on different networks

5. Live Weekly Coaching Sessions

You will get access to live weekly coaching form john himself for latest trends and product updates

Super Affiliate System PRO Course Preview

Here is a preview of the course you can’t access anywhere as anybody who is promoting never purchased the course themself

Video #1, Blueprint for making money online
Video #3, If you’d like to become a part of the Super Affiliates

Get Super Affiliate System PRO for Just $997

With an 80% off Coupon Available for everyone from below

Get super affiliate system pro today and you will 1 access free with purchase which you can sell or giveaway to anyone online to increase your following even

Plus as a bonus I will teach you my personal blogging tactics in a exclusive 1 on 1 meeting with you

Sounds Fare Now..


Should I Buy Super Affiliate System?

The course is not cheap so only buy if you can afford the course, and results come only with hard work. The course will help you learn tactics but you have to implement it all yourself

Why People Hate John Crestani?

Most of the guys who hate John are other course sellers or affiliate marketers who are trying to sell other courses by using the name of JohnCrestani

Can, I Get More Discount?

After researching for more than 70+ hours you will not find any code which offers the course for less than $997


So this is all regarding this review on John Crestani Super Affiliate System Review

Have you got the course and what did you like the most in the course let me know in comments below

If you have not purchased the course get it from my link to support the review and the research I have done

Let me now if you have any questions



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