How To Stop WordPress Comment Spam (Do This 1 SETTING)

Quick disclaimer, I TRIED them all, I TESTED them all.

But none of these methods explain, how to stop WordPress comment spam, login spam, brute force login spam, contact form spam, and how to fix the issue of bots registering spam accounts on your e-commerce blog.

Well after testing all the solutions online, I found THE ONE BEST SOLUTION to this issue.


Give this article your 5 valuable minutes, and you will NEVER SEARCH for this issue again on google.

Let’s get straight to the fix 👇

Best Method To Fix All WordPress Spam – Only 1 Plugin Which Works

I almost tested all plugins that claim to solve this issue. All of them are just USELESS.

I even used GOOGLE CAPTCHA to solve WordPress spam. It did but not completely.

Well, Cloudflare just solved this issue for us. You need to install a plugin and edit a few settings.

Follow these exact steps to stop WordPress comment spam, and all other spam too.

REQUEST: Before we proceed with the next steps, please EMPTY your spam folder to check whether this plugin solves the issue or not

Step #1: Install Simple Cloudflare Turnstile Plugin On Your WordPress


I know you don’t want to add one more plugin but trust me no other methods fix this problem

Just like you, I am also not very fond of installing too many plugins on my WordPress blog

TRUST ME, this one you have to. It provides a 100% solution to the WORDPRESS SPAM PROBLEM.

Install the Simple Cloudflare Turnstile Plugin on your blog.

Simple Cloudflare Turnstile
Install Simple Cloudflare Turnstile Plugin

Step#2: Open Your Cloudflare Account To Turnstile Dashboard

After you have logged in to the Cloudflare account, access the turnstile dashboard from the left menu as shown in the below image

access turnstie dashboard from left menu cloudflare
Turnstile Menu Dashboard Access

This feature has been launched by Cloudflare recently and is still in beta. But its capability is WAY BETTER than google captcha.

Step #3: Add Your Website To Turnstile

Now add your website to the turnstile as shown in the image below

add website to turnstile
Click On Add Site

After that, a new page will open like this

add site name domain name and click create on turnstile
Add Website Info

Add your site name, and domain and click on create (KEEP SETTINGS ON MANAGED)

Now you will get your site key and secret key from the settings panel. COPY & KEEP THEM SAFE SOMEWHERE

Step #4: Add Secret Key And Site Key In Simple Cloudflare Turnstile Plugin

Now add your site key and secret key on the Simple Cloudflare Turnstile Plugin dashboard

turnstile settings on dashobard
Add Your Keys And Settings

After you have entered all the information, Click on save changes.


Other Methods To Block WordPress Spam (Do Not Work 100%)

Before the above method was introduced by Cloudflare, There were other methods also which blocked WordPress spam (BUT NOT COMPLETELY)

All these methods have been explained by Kinsta, but they don’t block spam 100%. You can check them out here

You will not need to implement any of these methods except the one I have mentioned above.

It’s an all-in-one solution to reduce WordPress spam.

FAQs Regarding Removing WordPress Spam

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about how to stop WordPress comment spam

Why are my WordPress comments spam?

Spam comments are left by bots automatically scraping the internet and leaving spam comments. Cloudflare turnstile is a one-stop solution to the WordPress comment and other types of spam

How do I delete thousands of spam comments on WordPress?

You can delete thousands of spam comments on WordPress in one click by clicking on the empty spam button in your comments tab.

Why am I getting so many spam comments on my blog?

The reason for a website getting so many spam comments is that your website is getting hit by bots to gain backlinks from your website.

Can you stop spam bots?

You can use the simple turnstile plugin as an alternative to google Recaptcha which offers 100% spam removal.

Do spam comment bots hurt SEO?

Yes, malicious bots negatively hurt website SEO by slowing down websites response and load times and repeated DDoS attacks

Final Thoughts

So, this is the method I recently tested to remove WordPress spam from your blog.

Now, I’d like to hear from you.

Have you tried this method?

If so, how did it go?

Let me know in the comment section below.

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