How to Start a Blog (in 2022): Step-by-Step Beginner’s Guide

Learn how to start a blog that earns you money passively. Become a blogger today by following this 10 step guide when starting our blog which has been read by thousands of people and they have started their blog after reading this tutorial

Why Should You Start A Blog in 2022?

Blogging offers you the immense potential to express yourself to the right audience. It gives you the immense potential for –

  • Platform to Express Your Ideas – Blogging gives you a platform to express your ideas to the people
  • Making Money Online – You can generate a ton of income online if you follow the right advice. (Can Be Million Dollars If Done Right)
  • Create A Fanbase By Helping People – You can help people and add them to your fanbase by solving their problems.

How to Become a Blogger: Video Tutorial

If you like to watch how to start a blog guide instead of reading our post or this essay then we have made a quick detailed step-by-step video guide on starting a blog from scratch. Just follow our steps

How To Start A Blog

If you prefer to read the detailed article (Video Might Not Cover Everything) then read this awesome blog starter guide

In this detailed step-by-step guide, you will learn how to start a blog in just 1 hour (Complete Setup) with this definitive blogging guide. Click here to jump to step #1 and start your blog today

Follow these easy 10 steps to start a blog and make money online

How To Start A Blog In 2022 From Scratch [Step By Step Guide]

The Ultimate Guide to Start a Blog and Make Money Online

Disclosure: Please do note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my NameHero affiliate link, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you“, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products I’ve personally use and trust.

What is a blog?

A blog is just a regularly maintained website where the latest posts appear in reverse chronological order. As an example, you are reading my blog right now. Read this What Is A Blog Article Now

Should You Even Create A Blog?

Yes, you should. I think if you have good writing skills I highly recommend you start your own blog today to launch your own business and make passive income online. You need not be a tech geek to start your own blog. It just takes 15 minutes to start a blog like me.

Can I make money from my blog on the first day?

To earn money from your blog from first is definitely possible however you need an aggressive promotion strategy for that you might need to invest in ads for a starting push.

What type of blogs makes the most money?

Almost all type of blog makes money however some blog types have more potential than others but can be hard to rank. (Detailed List Later In Post)

How much it cost to start a blog?

It depends upon your plans with your blog. If you want to go aggressive or you just try out blogging. Depending upon your choice a starting a blog in 2022 might cost you from $40 to $700/mo. So decide what you want from your blog and select a suitable plan for yourself. I suggest you start with a shared host I mentioned below and then upgrade as your blog grows with time.

Benefits Of Reading This Blog Post –

  1. You will be able to create your blog in 15 minutes
  2. Get a fast web hosting provider for you (70% Discount)
  3. Know where to register your domain
  4. Mistakes you need to avoid 
  5. Must Have Plugins For Your Blog

Follow These 10 steps to start your blog today and make money online

If you are an action taker and want to start your own business then stick around to learn how to create a blog that make money

Let’s get your blog set up 🙂

1. Select A Perfect Niche For Your Blog

how to select a perfect niche Start A Blog In 2021
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Select Your Niche

Selecting the right niche is the founding stone of making a blog. If you do this step wrong then you will always be 1 step behind your competitor or your blog might fail as well.

What is a blog niche?

A specific area of a market that focuses mainly on just one product or one type of product. It is a specialized content rather than a broad topic.

I get asked this question a lot “What Is The Best Blogging Niche“, let me just simplify this for you.

You have look for some properties of a niche if you want to work on it.

  1. How Popular is the topic :- You can use free tools like google trends to find out the popularity of the topic. E.g if you pick a topic like “fidget spinner” which was a huge trend last year but this year just crickets. Nobody talks about them anymore. So bloggers who invested their time and effort that niche is in vain now.
  2. Competition :- I personally don’t consider this important but its good to check the overall competition of the topic that you are selecting.
  3. Check for affiliate products that you can promote in the future :- If you choose a topic that has almost zero products to promote as an affiliate you might rely only on google ads for your blog revenue.

These are some of the major things that you need to consider before selecting your perfect niche.

I have been doing blogging for many years now and I have come up with a list of niche ideas that are less competitive and high search volume with high monetization potential.

Here is a list of the most popular niche ideas that you can consider to be your next blog topic.

  • Weight loss (High Competition)
  • Hosting & VPN (Super Competitive)
  • Muscle & Bodybuilding (Super Competitive)
  • Finance (Highly Competitive But Most Profit)
  • Male Enhancement (Personal Branding Related)
  • Survival (Need To Establish Authority)
  • Casino/Gambling (Limited Monetization But Profitable)
  • Pets (High Competition You Need Quality & Researched Content)
  • CBD (New Niche Low Competition)

Here is a good resource to check if your blog topic idea is profitable or not.

How ever a niche is not limited to a small list, it can be anything from your daily life.

One more question I frequently get asked is “How Much This Niche Can Earn“, so I just give a simple example to these guys as follows.

There is no limit to earning from blogging. In fact, some of the top Bloggers Earning in million from their blog every single month.

So now you know the potential of Blogging & “your niche“. Now its time to register your domain name.

2. Choose SEO Optimized Domain Name

How To Choose SEO Optimized Domain to start your blog today
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Choose SEO Optimized New Domain Name Or Expired Domain Name

Selecting an attractive domain like BloggingCapital is extremely important because your domain will represent your business in future.

However, Google does not give preference to exact match domains as it used to be but it is still worth it to include your keywords in your domain name.

But finding a perfect domain name is very hard, so you can use some domain name generators from Shopify or LeanDomainSearch

First thing you need to make sure that you have all the usernames available on social media (e.g I own @bloggingcapital on all social media)

This helps in your SEO approach. If you search “bloggingcapital” on google then you will find my website & all my social media handles ranked on the first page. So you need to make sure you own every domain.

Bonus Tip – If you are having a problem finding usernames on different websites to see if they are available to register or not.

Go to and type in the domain name that you selecting after using the above methods to generate a unique username that is available on other sites.

Steps – Go to and search your username and see if they are available on different social media sites then select your domain name.

Find available usernames for your blog using namechk to start your own blog
  • Save
Check Your Username In NameCheck

Similarly, check for available usernames on different social media below.

These little extra steps will make a larger impact on the SEO of your website in the long run.

When you have selected your domain name I suggest you register your domain name from Namecheap (Best Domain Registrar)

I use Godaddy and NameCheap both for domain name registration. But don’t buy hosting from them. Believe me, their hosting is not that good.

I recommend them for domains because they provide domains at a very low cost and they are a very popular domain registrar.

Want To Resister Your Domain?

Get your domain today and get your business online today

You can directly search for your available domain name from below –

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

Remember We Only Suggest You The Resources We Only Use. So Any Suggestion We Make Here Is Tested By Me For Months Before Recommending It To You

Note:- Many web hosting companies provide you free domains with there hosting packages but it is highly recommended that you keep both hosting and domains seperated to avoid headaches in future when your website will grow

3. Purchase The Best Hosting In The Industry (Discounted Price)

Get Best Hosting From Namehero To Start Your Blog In 2021
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Purchase Best Hosting

Having good web hosting is a must if you are serious about starting a blog today then I recommend you purchase a good hosting like NameHero. It is by far the best place to start a blog

—–> Click here to head over to “NameHero” and hit the orange “Get Started” Button To Get 70% Discount On Your Purchase.

Go to namehero and hit get started button to get hosting from namehero
  • Save

Note: Many other bloggers will tell you to choose Bluehost or any other host because they are cheap. Let me tell you frankly that these web hosts will promise you so much but deliver you nothing. I suggest namehero because i personally use this hosting and their speed is excellent with excellent support which nobody matches in the industry. I fell this is my duty to tell you the exact truth about the best hosting as Bluehost gives $65 for a referral and the NameHero gives just $50 but still, I still promote the NameHero because I know they are the best than anyone in the market. (Nobody tells this to viewers but I do)

Here is a link to checkout uptime and response times of my website and other web hosts on the status page of uptimerobot Check My Live Website Speeds

I dont recommed you go with siteground now they are overpriced and have high renewal fee and also they will delete your website (Temp) if you reach the threshold number of visitors on your website because they don’t offer you unlimited bandwidth.

Namehero is now an industry leading shared web hosting provider that we recommend.

I am doing Blogging for about 2 years now. On my early blogs, I tried so many cheap hosting like GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator but the load times I got are much better with the Namehero.

So I recommend you get a Namehero offer today from the link above. You will not regret this decision as your hosting will be powered with Mariadb + Nvme storage (or SSd’s)

So take action and get your hosting registered with our 70% off exclusive offer with Namehero.

Get NameHero 70% Off Deal

Get Exclusive NameHero Deal For BloggingCapital Readers Only

If you are stuck with the steps on how to purchase hosting from NameHero, then here is a ultimate guide to follow

How To Purchase Hosting From NameHero –

1. Go to NameHero From this Magical Link

head over to namehero and hit get started now to start your blog
  • Save

2. Now Select Any Plan According To Your Budget And Click On Get Plan – I Personally Use Turbo Cloud Plan, You Can Choose According To Your Budget

I recommend you go with any plan You Like Initially

select your plan according to your budget
  • Save

3. Now Enter Your Domain You Earlier Registered With NameCheap In I Will Use My Existing Domin And Hit “Next

enter your domain you registered earlier
  • Save

4. Select Your Billing Cycle And Hit Continue

select duration of plan you want
  • Save
I selected 1 Year Here

5. Now Add Your Account Details And Put Your Payment Info, If You Want To Pay With Paypal Use Select Paypal & Hit Checkout

review your details and hit checkout
  • Save
Hit Checkout & Done

Note:- Prices might vary according to your plan, offer and date you are purchasing the web hosting.

Use the sales chat button to talk to a sales representative and tell him if you face any difficulty. They usually reply within seconds.

After you complete your purchase you will get a sales receipt in your email.

Get NameHero 70% Off Deal

Get Exclusive NameHero Deal For BloggingCapital Readers Only

Here are some questions asked frequently about hosting

What is hosting?

Hosting is an online space or storage where you store all your website files safe and secure and make the files accessible to people with the help of your website link after connecting your domain to your hosting.

What is the purpose of hosting?

The basic purpose of hosting is that you host or store your files on the hosting server securely so that your visitors can access then frontend of your code.

How much it costs to buy hosting?

It depends upon the budget. On NameHero which we are suggesting to you starts selling hosting packages from $50-$70 per year. However, some more hosts can even charge you >$300/mo on hosting.

Best Alternatives Of NameHero Hosting

Here are some of the best hosting company alternatives to NameHero hosting which are similar in the performance with similar hosting plan –

1. GreenGeeks:-

GreenGeeks is the number 1 alternative of NameHero and much cheaper also. With Their Highest tier plan, they also offer dedicated IP addresses and they use Litespeed technology just like it is used by the NameHero.

—–> Click here to head over to GreenGeeks and hit the green “Get Started Now” Button Or Browse Their Plans

greengeeks hosting how to start a blog in 2021
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Click On Get Started Or Browse Plans

2. A2Hosting :-

A2 hosting is also another very popular NameHero alternative and is used by many beginners. Their speed is awesome and support is decent. They are known for their speed as they also use Litespeed technology for their hosting. They use Nvme storage type just like NameHero with a turbo plan so speed will never be a concern for your website anymore after you get this hosting.

—–> Click here to head over to A2Hosting and hit the orange “Get Started” Button

a2hosting how to start a blog in 2021
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Click On Get Started Or Shared Hosting

3. Bluehost :-

The third best alternative to NameHero hosting is Bluehost which is most used by beginners and the good thing is they do provide you a free domain also for 1 year if you get an annual plan from them.

—–> Click here to head over to Bluehost and hit the Green “Get Started” Button

bluehost hosting how to start a blog in 2021
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Click On Get Started

4. DreamHost :-

The fourth alternative to NameHero hosting is dreamhost and speed focused web host here you can also pay monthly if you don’t want to pay yearly at once because you are not sure about blogging then you can choose this hosting. The most amazing thing about dreamhost is that they offer a true pay per month plan that allows you to pay your hosting bill on a per month basis.

—–> Click here to head over to DreamHost and hit the blue “Get Started” Button

dreamhost hosting how to start a blog in 2021
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Click On Get Started

5. Kinsta :-

If you can invest a high amount on hosting per month and you are extremely serious about hosting and speed and don’t want to share your server with anyone then kinsta is the best option for you. They are extremely fast and excellent support.

—–> Click here to head over to Kinsta and hit the “Choose” Button According To Your Plan Choice

kinsta hosting how to start a blog in 2021
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Click On Choose For Kinsta Hosting

Bonus : If you purchase any of these hostings from my link then I will design your website completely for free and also give you all premium plugins you need for starting and setting up your blog. Get hosting today to get free website design from me and you also qualify for free entry to premium blogging course coming very soon (Worth $500)

4. Connect Domain To Hosting

This is the step which takes usually 5 minutes to complete but it may take up to 24 hours to propagate internationally. But usually it gets completed within 5 minutes.

In this step, you need to connect your domain to the web host you just purchased from any of the above links.

To complete this step go to your domain registrar and go to your domain and click on DNS management and add the nameservers which you will find on your NameHero dashboard or any other host will provide your nameservers on the dashboard.

Note: Free blogs do not use custom domains so in future, if you want to scale in future then you will be facing difficulties. That’s why a wordpress blog is recommended by all seo pros for a new blog

update your nameservers on domain registrar website
  • Save
Add NameServers

Once you complete this step wait for some time for nameservers to reflect. After you can access your website from your domain you are ready for next steps in this guide.

Bonus – Select Perfect CMS/ Blogging Platform For Your Blog

Well, it is indeed the most debated topic among bloggers should I use blogger vs vs vs Wix (Which Blogging Platform Is Best)

Self Hosted WordPress Or Hmm…

All right, let me say this to you if you are serious about blogging then go with (Don’t Use – More On This Later On)

Blogging Statistics For Blogging Platforms –

Custom Blog0.1%
Blogging Statistics For Blogging PlatForms

Blogger: If you want to use blogger I highly suggest staying away from it because you simply don’t own anything and you will regret it later if you want to upgrade. But if you still don’t want to invest in your blog I highly suggest you use your own domain name so that you can shift later on and do remember to change permalinks for every post manually and don’t use date and year on your blog post URL. This will help you in SEO when you, later on, switch to WordPress or even your custom coded website. I still want to say to you stay away from (Recently google lost domain and now millions of blog pages are broken because google did not renew their domain on time (Haha sham right 🙂 Well, free comes with great disadvantages. If you still want to start a blog for free go ahead..!

Wix: It is a great platform or website builder for your personal blog and portfolio blogs and just a few pages blog for a business blog. If you want to create a blog for such small business purposes just as a presentation of a project or your result etc then don’t invest heavily and six will be the perfect match for you. But if you want to earn like this blog and have a professional look then Wix is not for you.

WordPress: It is the ultimate choice of most of the bloggers and it is free from their end. There are two versions of wordpress


It one simple sentence that don’t use at all. It might seem free to you but to have a nice theme on your website you need to pay for theme which are heavily priced and are simply not up to the mark. The amount you spend on the theme the same amount you can use get a professional hosting from my link above and create multiple websites for you and here you control everything.

On the other hand, WordPress.Org gives you full control, and you can design your blog to any extent and just like any other professional website by just drag and drop method.

Difference between WordPress.Com Vs WordPress.Org


  1. It’s Free But With Heavily Restricted Environment
  2. Not for selling your own ads and AdSense approval is tough also
  3. No custom or third party plugins or themes
  4. Limited and overpriced themes and plugins in the repository
  5. Only premium domains support custom domains So technically not free at all.
  6. You have to use a subdomain like
  7. No SEO & Analytics options


  1. Complete Control Of The Website
  2. Professional unlimited plugins and themes
  3. Dedicated plugins for SEO purpose
  4. Plugin for every feature
  5. Ecommerce Friendly (Woocommerce)
  6. Require a hosting and domain for setup ($50/Year)

Now I don’t want to force you to choose this or that CMS. It’s your personal choice. My opinion may or may not matter for you but let me still tell you to use the only WordPress.Org as your CMS which I am also using on this blog.

Bonus- VS

Which one is best .com or .org (Verdict:- .org)

.Org requires custom host and domain but it gives much more flexibility than

5. Install WordPress On Your Blog

Now Go To The NameHero Cpanel and Find Softculous Installer

how to install wordpress to start your blog
  • Save

Then Select WordPress There and install wordpress after filling your website admin username and password that you want to set. Keep them secret always

hit install in softaculous app installer to install wordpress
  • Save

After that click install enter your details your want to set for your website and hit install at bottom & your website is now live with WordPress installed on it.

enter you details in installer settings to start your blog
  • Save
And Here Your Website Is Live

And that’s it, Your blog is now completely set up and you can check your blog by going to your Url (i.e Domain)

6. Choose The Best Theme In The Market (Free & Paid Both Versions)

get generatepress theme for your blog
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Get GeneratePress Theme

Now its time to choose the best industry leading theme for your website. Let me ask you a question do you like this theme on my website.

If you are just starting out free version is simply the best choice but if you have a budget to invest another $50 then you can simply get the premium version. (If you buy hosting from my link I will give you the premium theme with key for free for lifetime)

Well, I use the world’s most optimized and No. 1 theme. It clean and superfast.

I recommend you use the “GeneratePress” theme for your blog just like me. Your website will skyrocket after installing this theme.

This theme has both free and paid versions. I am using the paid one but you can use the free version also.

If you have a budget to purchase a theme I highly recommend you use the paid version.

GeneratePress is an industry leading theme and with the premium version, you will get the premium support as well.

get generatepress from below link
  • Save
Get GeneratePress (+My Account Proof)

As you can see my account there because I am also using the premium version.

I can save some of your money on this. So get generatepress from my link below.

Get GeneratePress From Here

Get Exclusive GeneratePress Deal For BloggingCapital Readers Only

I have listed the best theme up there and it’s used by most of the bloggers out there who are earning millions per year from there blogs.

However, there are many themes that perform neck to neck with each other and may differ with each other according to the users need.

Recently Kinsta did a study about the fastest WordPress theme and tested the WordPress themes all on the same server with default WordPress installation.

Here are the top themes that ranked in Kinsta Study –

fastest wordpress theme experiment by kinsta
  • Save
Fastest WordPress Theme By Kinsta Study

Opinion – I have an opinion on the study that however the study was done on top resourced servers but it was done on a default WordPress installation. Hello, the theme has nothing on default WordPress installation while other themes have a good chunk of content on the default installation. It would have been better to do a study with the same exact website on different themes and then checking the speed of the WordPress theme.

Select theme whatever you like most of these themes is exactly the same. Its your personal choice. I recommend GeneratePress Theme for you.

—–> Click here to head over to GeneratePress and hit the “Add To Cart” Button And Purchase

Note: If you don’t have the budget then you can skip the premium version and just use the free version also.

I can understand you sometimes don’t have any extra money to invest in a theme and you don’t have the technical knowledge to design your website.

Well, I can do all this work for you for free. I sell my WordPress design service on Fiverr for about $300 but you can get your website designed from me for free. So Here Is My Offer To You.

Get GeneratePress Free From Me & Free Website Design

My Offer: If you want to save $50 on the GeneratePress theme then I can give it to you for free. The only thing you need to do is buy web hosting from my link above and send me your purchase receipt on ““. I will give you my GeneratePress Premium Theme For Free + Some Other themes and free professional website design from me on your website. After you send the receipt to me I will reply to you within 5 hours. You will get your website designed on the same day or the next day.

Bonus – Free SEO Setup Of Your Website

A good blog design is key for people reading your blog. A reader can decide in a fraction of seconds after visiting your blog whether to read your blog or just leave.

A recent study by Google also proves this that any reader will judge your blogs in just a few seconds after visiting your blog and Hallo Effects proves that the effect will be the same for your whole website. So reader will judge your whole website by just visiting your one page.

So, you must focus on your blog design as it serves as key when you are running a brand-oriented blog just like me.

7. Installing Must Have Plugins For Your Blog

Now it’s time to install some important plugins on your WordPress blog. Well on blogging for almost 2 years now on my fitness blog.

I have tried a lot of plugins and now come up with a list of important plugins that I am personally using on this blog today.

Here is the list of most important must have WordPress plugins for your blog –

  1. Elementor (Pro Version)
  2. Thrive Architect (For Landing Pages)
  3. RankMath SEO Plugin (Free SEO Plugin)
  4. Site Kit By Google (Add Analytics, Console, Adsense to Blog)
  5. Thrive Leads (For Lead Generation)
  6. Titan AntiSpam(Blocking Spam On Blog)
  7. WpRocket(Speed Up Your Website)
  8. Q2W3 Fixed Widget (For Fixing A Widget)
  9. Atomic Blocks(Free Gutenberg Blocks)
  10. Social Snap(Social Media Plugin)
  11. UpdraftPlus(Backup Plugin)

These are some of the major plugins that are necessary for your blog to function properly.

Bonus – Use Cloudflare For Speeding Up Website And Integrate It With WpRocket + Use Shortpixel Plugin

These are my personal tips for starting a blog as no other how to start a blog will teach you such minor things.

Using the default WordPress permalink structure is the worst mistake of your life if you are using them.

If you are using year and date in your URL’s that would be a disaster for your blog’s SEO efforts.

So before you write your first blog post you need to set up your permalink structure that looks much neat and clean.

Follow these steps to change your permalink structure –

change permalink structure
  • Save
Change Permalink Structure

After you have completed the above step by changing our permalink structure you are now ready for the next step

9. Setup RankMath SEO Plugin

how to setup rankmath plugin
  • Save
Setup RankMath Plugin

OK, First you need to forget the word “YOST” from your memory 🙂 because you need to checkout “Rankmath” and it’s completely Free

This is also a very important step for setting up your SEO Plugin. There are two major SEO plugins in the market

  1. Yoast SEO
  2. RankMath

I suggest RankMath because it’s free and comes with a lot more features than Yoast SEO.

If you use the Yoast SEO plugin you have to purchase it and further for adding Schema in your blog post which you have to some moment, you have to buy another schema plugin. That costs around $100

But RankMath offers much greater support and has all Yoast features and it’s also compatible with Elementor.

RankMath comes with inbuilt schema options and it gives you all the schema types that a premium plugin like “All In One Schema Pro” offers for so much money.

If you are using Yoast on some other blog you can simply transfer all the data to RankMath and just delete Yoast.

It’s that easy. Migration from Yoast is just a piece of cake.

Checkout all the rankmath features here RankMath Features

Now lets install and setup RankMath Plugin For Your Blog –

Checkout This Awesome Tutorial On RankMath Setup

10. Publish Your First Blog Post

Now it’s time to create your first blog post. It is important to know how to write a blog that converts well. To do so follow these simple steps below.

publish your first blog post
  • Save
Click On Add New Under Posts Tab

Now a new window will open on your blog where you will write your content

how to write your first blog post
  • Save
Write Your Articles Here

Click the publish button after you have written the complete blog post.

Now to add featured image in your blog post follow the instructions as follows

Click on documents on the post tab where you were editing your blog post and scroll down and look for featured image

how to set featured image
  • Save
Set Featured Image Of The Post

This is how you set featured image for a blog post that appears in your social shares and your blog also.

The next step is how to monetize your blog which you can read by clicking this link

Bonus:- Best Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

There are many methods for monetizing a blog. You can select on your own choice

  1. Google Adsense – This is the most famous method for monetization. Here you just add a simple AdSense code to your blog and you are done. I don’t use ads personally
  2. Affiliate Marketing – This is how I earn money from this blog. You don’t need high traffic for this, you only need targeted persons who are interested in the blog post.
  3. Email Marketing – This is more advance where you send targeted emails to your newsletter subscribers and monetize your emails through affiliate marketing
  4. Sponsorship – Many websites like Flyout sponsor your blog to add their blog posts to your blog and they pay you in return to that.
  5. Start A Youtube Channel – You can also start a youtube channel for your blog where you make videos related to your blog posts so you can also earn through youtube also.

I always teach you how to make a blog success. You will find awesome tips for setting up your blog just like the plugins list you got above which took me trying o man plugins to test then I came up with this list.

FAQ Related To How To Start A Blog In 2022

Here are some FAQ’s related to How To Start A Blog In 2022

What is a blog?

A blog is an online web page or a regularly updated website where blog posts arrive in reverse chronological order & are run by an individual or a small group of people where information is given in a conversational manner.

Why should i start a blog?

A blog makes to helps other people and solving other’s problems should be the major motive of your blog.

Which web host is best for starting a blog?

From a number of hosting companies out there NameHero, greengeeks & cloudways are considered top hosting companies in the market.

What are some best blogging platforms?

WordPress and blogger and two most popular blogging platforms. I suggest you go with WordPress.

Is it still possible to make money from a blog today?

It is definitely possible to make money from your blog. But it’s not a quick rich scheme. You need to work continuously for a few years to make a decent income from your blog.

ConclusionStarting a blog is very easy but maintaining it for years is very hard. So never say tomorrow and be an action taker. Start your bog today and start earning a passive income today. So this is my overall tips on how to create a blog in no time.

Many people ask how to start blogging using blogger but I must tell you don’t use blogger because you don’t have control over your data. Invest to start a blog and level up your business with little money.

So this was my How to start a blog & make money with a blog for beginner’s guide and tell me how was this blog post in the comment section.

So will you create a blog today or not, let me know?

Share Your Success Story In Comment Section



Hi, I am Shivam a Research Enthusiast and part-time Blogger, Web Designer, Affiliate Marketer, and founder of BloggingCapital. Here, I post about blogging to help people make money online.

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