How I Got Adsense Approval With (Just 4 Blog Posts) – Case Study

Google Adsense is by far the best ads serving network from all of its rivals. It is the first choice of any blogger out there to monetize a blog with AdSense ads as they have good earning potential and is widely used worldwide.

Advertisers spend heck a lot of money on this network primarily and earning potential for the publishers is also very huge.

Most of you if you are reading this blog post has a dream to monetize your website with google Adsense ads but either you have been rejected after you applied or you are searching for some tips that you need to implement before applying for Adsense.

No worries, if you apply all the tips that I will give you in this blog post you will get your Adsense approved just after your first try after reading this blog post.

But you need to trust me with my tips and forget any other methods you have found so far because what I am going to tell you is a step by step blueprint for Adsense approval.

Have you wondered how some bloggers manage Dozens of Adsense accounts and you struggle to get even one account?

Because there are few secrets that no blogger tells you and that what this blog post is all about.

Do remember you will find a lot of scammers in this industry who will ask you about Rs 5000 to even Rs 10000 ($30 to $80) for an AdSense account which you can get completely for free.

My suggestion to you is to stay away from these scammers as they might take your money and still don’t give you anything. Give it try after you read this complete guide on Adsense approval.

Adsense Selling Scam
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Beware Of Such Scammers (No Hiding Of Their Names)

I did not hide their name because I don’t care 🙂

Here is the proof of me getting Adsense approval with just 4 blog posts on my website.

how adsense approval
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Adsense Approval Proof

Well, I learned it the hard way, I don’t want you to learn like me, so let’s get right into the tips.


You don’t have multiple AdSense error before starting this guide. If any of your emails shows such an error you delete that AdSense immediately. (After approval for second Adsense use incognito mode or any other browser to visit that account)

The first is you set up your blog on high end hosting with good speed. It may not be counted for Adsense approval but still, an authority blog needs a nice blog setup. If you still struggling to set up your blog the right way then read my complete step by step blog startup guide here.

Want To Start Your Blog?

Get your blog online today by following this step by step tutorial

So if you ready then let’s get right into the steps –

How To Get Adsense Approval With Just 4 Blog Posts

Getting Adsense approval has become hard today, here are the things you need to take care of when applying for an AdSense account

  1. Your Blog Age (i.e Domain Age)
  2. Blog Structure (What To Include)
  3. Apply Using Root Domain
  4. Use Original Content Images
  5. Check Your Blog Is Not Blocked By Google
  6. No Of Visitors/Traffic Does not matter
  7. Content Length

Disclosure: Please do note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my affiliate links, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you“, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products I’ve personally use and trust.

Can We Get Adsense Approval With Just 4 Blog Posts?

Yes, you can, I have proved it on my blog and you can actually get AdSense approval with just 4 blog posts but they need to be high quality at least

How much money can AdSense make me?

Personally, I recommend AdSense only to budding bloggers, once you get decent traffic on your blog switch to Ezoic and other premium ad networks

Will Ads slow down my website?

The simple answer is yes you will, It will disrupt the user experience also and slows down your website by making extra requests while loading a page

1. Your Blog Age (i.e Domain Age)

On the official Adsense, the approval guide states that websites located in China and India need to be at least 6 months old but this is not a strict rule. My own website got approved within 20 days of my blog setup. So this is not a rule you need to abide by.

I personally asked a lot of bloggers about getting Adsense for a 20 days old website & also with 4 blog posts. The answer from them was “Not Possible” but it was just a case study so I optimized for a number of AdSense factors and applied for approval.

I got the reply on the third day and the AdSense account was approved. Then I shared it on social media and then I came to know that these people sell AdSense accounts for around $100 or $200 that’s why they just misguide people so that they can sell their approved adsense accounts

So Age is never a factor in Google Adsense so you don’t need to have a old domain to get your ads approved from google adsense.

2. Blog Structure (What To Include)

Blog structure plays a critical role in AdSense approval and you must focus on a number of factors that google looks for when approving your AdSense accounts

Remember Quality Beats Everything

Homepage for adsense approval
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Blog Homepage Structure For Adsense Approval

So here are all the factors on the homepage which contribute a factor for Adsense approval.

Lets discuss all of these on by one.

1. Blog Header Area

Your blog must have a header and footer with a specific type of content. I think you already know this but you don’t know what to put in the header and footers

And this is where you all make a major mistake and you get navigation error.

  • Logo – A decent logo is a must for your blog as it makes your blog look a lot professional and legit. However, some bloggers do use a heading text with a brand name instead of a logo. This is a bad practice and in fact, makes a huge impact on readers and is by far the first step is to get a logo before you even design your whole website.
  • Pillar Page – Your Blog must have a pillar page and your blog’s design and structure must reflect which page is most important on your blog. In my case, it’s how to start a blog guide.
  • Articles/Blog Page – This is must have step to avoid navigation error as you directly linking your whole blog archive page on the homepage. Some other bloggers might tell you to add you categories there. That is also fine but I personally like a clean look of my header so I just added my blog page. Your own choice may differ.
  • About Page – An about page is must have and you should describe you and your business there. I went ahead a step further and designed my custom about page with elementor.
  • Contact Us – One more important page on the header is the contact us page. You can even put this page in the footer but I did not want to mess up the footer menu so temporarily added to the header.
  • Search – This is optional but it does help in navigation so I included it. Remember the search feature on your website I too much resource consumer as it indexes your whole database continuously.

You don’t have to copy paste the above design but you might need to add all these relevant pages I mentioned above.

2. Footer Area

The Footer area is also an important factor for Adsense approval. Here is a list of important pages and elements you need to consider for your footer area.

  • Footer Widget – Footer widget is completely optional and is not a necessity for Adsense approval. Footer widgets are used to link to your most popular content or offers.
  • Social Profiles – Maybe other bloggers have not told you this but I strongly suggest you connect your social media profiles on your footer widgets or sidebar of your blog.
  • Other Links – These can be your blog posts or offers. These are not crucial for Adsense approval but its good to link your content or offers on the homepage.
  • Privacy Policy – This is the most important page and without this AdSense will reject your account directly and this page should be easily navigable. Use a privacy policy generator online or you can use any popular website and use their privacy policy until you make your own. (Remember most people use policy generators online so be unique with this)
  • Disclaimer – Also a useful page by giving disclaimer to your readers about any affiliate links or sponsorships, etc. Be transparent with readers. For this, you can use any online disclaimer generator.
  • Sitemap – This is also an important factor so make sure you put your sitemap URL anywhere on the footer.

3. Contents Of Page

For the content of a page, there are just two main components you need to consider for Adsense approval

  • Your personal Image – Any one of your personal image and this image should be uniform all over your website. Any anonymous website has reduced chances of approval
  • Your blog posts – Next component is your latest blog posts. Minimum 4 blog posts are a must for approval but you can try an experiment with 2 only (Just Kidding). To stay on the safe side have at least 4 if more then better it is.

4. Blog Archive Page

A blog archive page is must have to solve navigation error on your blog. Many times you apply for AdSense approval and you get navigation error if you add blog archive or your categories pages on your header then this error will never come on your AdSense approval.

basic bog structure 1
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My Blog Archive Page

3. Apply Using Root Domain

Always apply to AdSense through your root domain like “” and you can, later on, use the subdomain also. But if you apply through a subdomain then your main website will show any ads.

Hence it is recommended to apply through the root domain. Even google asks you to apply through root domain and Adsense approval team might reject your application if you apply through a subdomain.

Root domain Example –

Subdomain Example –

You can refer to above example if you still have any confusion regarding root and subdomain

4. Use Original Content Images

Having original unique images on the blog can be the most important factor for AdSense approval. If you copy images for other sources your blog might get rejected right away. Try to make custom images in canva or photoshop.

If you still want to use the stock images from or any stock image website then try to add your watermark on the images that would make these images unique and it will surely help in approval.

Images play a vital role in approval. I personally had all my images designed through photoshop which were included on my blog.

So make sure you use original images and you have copyright for all the images you are using.

5. Check Your Blog Is Not Blocked By Google

If your blog is blocked by google then you lose your chances of approval as if google cannot crawl your site your website will be rejected immediately. You can check this by going to and search “” and see if your posts are appearing in google.

This is not usual for a new website but if you bought an expired domain then this might be a necessity to check your site history before you buy the domain or apply for AdSense

6. No Of Visitors/Traffic Does not matter

Many other people will misguide you that traffic is required to get approved for Adsense. This is not correct as the number of visitors is not a factor for Adsense approval. So don’t worry about your traffic for now.

Many so-called bloggers on youtube tell you to send some traffic to your website before you apply for adsense.

Traffic is simply not a factor for AdSense approval so if any YouTuber is trying to sell you a bot traffic software then unsubscribe him and just move on.

7. Content Length

This is actually a debatable topic and I cannot give you exact metrics on how much words are required for AdSense approval. Many blogger say its just 1000 words per blog posts. But I always keep my blog posts 4000+ words which are pillar posts. Only small response posts like this are 1500+ words. So for approval instead of writing 25 posts with 1000 words each just write 4 blog posts which are 4000+ words.

You don’t need to write such long-form content for approval but since I was doing a case study and other bloggers were saying its not possible then I thought of doing no mistakes and even this blog always has long-form content and we still don’t implement ads on our blog as it was meant to help bloggers.

Now besides all these bloggers encounter any errors in the approval we have included a fix for all such problems.

Bonus 1 – Fix Privacy Policy Error

To fix privacy policy let me first tell you why this error even comes when you apply for Adsense.

What I am about to tell is no one will tell you is completely researched by me and you will not find this info anywhere on the internet because no one knows this secret.

First I want you to go to the blog home page and check out my first 4 blog posts from which I got AdSense approval. I am not going to tell you that you need to write quality content to get approval because everybody tells you this 🙂

The real secret is what type of posts you need to write and what to avoid writing before getting AdSense approval.

So you can write any type of posts you want in your niche expect these topics –

  • No blog post on your blog post should talk about AdSense or AdSense approval before you get actual approval from the ad network. Because according to google policies google restricts some keywords like money making keywords to monetize on new blogs because they are extremely related to your daily life and you may lose money from these methods if they don’t work for you. So avoid writing any post at the beginning which even contains words like AdSense. Even I had a make money online post but kept it in the draft when applied for AdSense.
  • Avoid posts related to make money online, until you get approval
  • Do not write on medical related topics like drugs, health issues symptoms if you are not an expert on the topic. If you are a doctor or medical professional you need to give some verification in your about us page for that.
  • Never ever copy images from copyrighted sources. You can use copyright free images or make them yourself in photoshop or canva. It’s easy with canva.

Bonus 2 -Don’t Copy

I want to tell you one thing that you need not to design your blog just like me but you can also be more creative and design it much deeper. I designed the whole blog in about 2:30 Hours but you can take your time and design your blog according to you and use your creativity to build a blog that everyone wants to stay on for reading.

Bonus 3 – Don’t Hurry

You do not need to be in a hurry to apply for AdSense on your first day of blog setup. Take your time when you start getting traffic then apply for it. Because it’s not a wise idea to put ads when you have no readers.

So remember,

Patience Beats Everyone, Be A Sleeping Giant 🙂

Let your work spread the word you just focus on the right thing.

FAQ’s Related To Adsense Approval

Here are some of the most asked questions regarding the Adsense approval –

What To Do After Adsense Approval?

After you have been approved from Adsense you need to put your ads code on your desired location or just use auto ads and let google decide this for you.

How To Get Google Adsense Approval?

If you apply all the tricks I gave you in this blog post you can easily get you AdSense approved within a week.

How Much Can We Earn From Adsense?

Your traffic decides your earning and on average you get to earn more than 500 dollars if you have decent traffic on your blog.

How Much Time Takes For Adsense Approval?

In general, your blog after approval gets approved within a week. My blog was approved by AdSense within the same day applied at 4.30 and got approved at 11.00 Pm on the night.

Conclusion –

So these are the tips that I used and wanted to share with you which I used to get AdSense approval on this blog. I might remove my ads soon as I don’t want to put ads on this website it was just an experiment to see how man posts you need for Adsense approval.

I hope you implement the same on your blog and get your AdSense approved. If you need any help or want me o add something comment section is open for you.

So tell me which technique you will use from this post to get your adsense approved. I will wit for your reply



Hi, I am Shivam a Research Enthusiast and part-time Blogger, Web Designer, Affiliate Marketer, and founder of BloggingCapital. Here, I post about blogging to help people make money online.

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    • Earlier it used to be a benefit to buy AdSense because you then only needed one website approved and then you can use that for unlimited websites. Now there is no point in buying a AdSense account, even if you buy one you have to even buy it with domain. Well, I strongly believe that why pay for something when you can get it for free.

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