FlexClip Review: Easy To Use Video Editor For Beginners

I am sure you have been using a video editing tool right now if you work with PPC, video marketing, or any ad copy, which includes videos as well.

It takes time energy & money create an engaging video which will convert online and gives you best results

I was been searching for a tool like this, but then I got my hands on FlexClip. It’s a free video editing software which creates a engaging video for you in just a few minutes

Today i will be doing an in-depth flexclip review. Stay tuned..!

You don’t even have to register for an account just selct a template and create a review that’s it 🙂

Here are some of the features that I like about them

  1. No Registration Required
  2. No issue of activating Free Trials
  3. Excellent stock footage and templates library
  4. Motion Graphics support also
  5. Works on multiple devices

Is Flexclip Really Worth It – A Video Editing Tool Review

Here is the Flexclip Uptimate Rreview – Should You Use It

  1. What Is FlexClip?
  2. FlexClip Pros & Cons
  3. Features Of FlexClip Software
  4. Royalty Free Images, Videos, & Music
  5. Motion Graphics Feature
  6. Screen & Voice Recorder
  7. Templates Library
  8. FlexClip Pricing & Plans
  9. Video Output Quality
  10. FlexClip Review Verdict

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Is FlexClip safe to use?

Yes, Flexclip can be used even without sharing any of your data with them. You don’t even have to register on their website, just select a template and edit it.

How much does FlexClip cost?

Flexclip is completely free to use in free tier, however their paid plans might cost you around 50 bucks a year

Does FlexClip have a watermark?

FlexClip allows everyone to add a custom watermark to the video with great ease.

What Is FlexClip?

Flexclip is a revolutionary online video editing tool for absolute beginners who don’t have much experience in creating crazy promo videos on Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas etc.

Flexclip comes with a lot of premade templates that you can use to create stunning video content for your YouTube channel, including intros, outros, promos, PPC ad videos, and motion graphics, etc.

With thousands of remade templates, you can create any project and edit according to your needs in just a matter of minutes

You can use all of this without even registering on the website just select a template you like and edit it and finally export

FlexClip Pros & Cons

Flexclip is a revolutionary software, and everything has some pros and cons. We will talk about them here.


  1. Extremely Easy To Use
  2. Great Collection Of Templates
  3. HD Videos Support Available
  4. No Sign Up Required
  5. Royalty Free Stock Gallery
  6. Excellent Screen Recorder


  1. The free version is limited.
  2. Less Video Hours In Free Tier
  3. Lower Output quality in free tier

The cons in flexclip are very few but we can get rid of them if you use any of the upgraded plan

With a paid plan the tool is the best choice if you want to create videos fast that convert

Features Of FlexClip Software

The Flexclip video editor has a lot of features like creating videos, cutting, trimming, compressing and adding overlays to videos, adding motion graphic elements and a lot more.

Here are some of the features that flexclip offers

  1. Video Editor
  2. Movie Maker
  3. Screen Recorder
  4. Recording Voiceovers
  5. Converting Photos To Videos
  6. Adding animations to videos
  7. Adding Motion Graphics To Videos
  8. Slideshow Maker
  9. Meme Generator
  10. GIF Maker
  11. Screen Recorder
  12. Trim Video
  13. Merge Video
  14. Compress Video
  15. Convert Video
  16. Add Music to Video
  17. Add Text to Video
  18. Add Watermark to Video
  19. Add Transitions to Video

And a lot more features are offered by Flexclip video editor

Royalty Free Images, Videos, & Music

Flexclip software offers a lot of royalty free images, videos nd music library that we can use in our videos for free without any worry for a copyright issues

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FlexClip Media Library

I personally loved content library and it includes stock images videos for every type of project

The music library is a great fit for youtubers who need something interesting for their videos that is not overused like youtube music library

Motion Graphics Feature

You can even add some special effects in your videos, to do that in other softwares you might need to either do a course which includes a long learning curve

Adding moving texts, icons and transitions with just a single click of your mouse is just game changer for a video editing noob like me

Screen & Voice Recorder

Flexclip also has a very cool feature which lets you record videos from your PC to include in the video.

For this a lot of softwares are out there but with flexclip it is extremely easy to record your screen also

The voice recorder feature is also very helpful for podcasters who need to create voiceovers for their videos.

Templates Library

Flexclip holds a vast variety of templates to choose from. The video editor let you select from thousands of templates which are professionally made with pre made video sequences.

You can edit the text, motion graphics, and stock footage in these templates and modify them according to your need

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Flexclip Template Library

You can even search for templates according to your needs like youtube intro, outro, promo, slideshows etc

FlexClip Pricing & Plans

Flexclip is completely free to use with a few limitations but it does have paid plans that reduces or eliminates those limitations too

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Flexclip Pricing
PlanBest forAnnualMonthly
Monthly Vs Annual Pricing

If you are planning on a paid version, then get into any annual plan for the best discount.

Video Output Quality

On flexclip video editor you have ability to create videos in following format 16:9, 9:16, 1:1, 4:5, 21:9

You can extract the video project in 480p SD format while in the free tier and if you are in paid plan then you can extract them in full 1080p full-HD Version of the file

FlexClip Review Verdict

After using Flexclip, what do we think about this software?

Like every other software it might have some pros or cons, but if you get a paid plan then there is simply nothing bad here

You get a fast video editor that can get your projects finished extremely fast. The software is extremely helpful for the freelancers and beginners or someone who create social media videos for high engagemets

We highly recommend it if you are a complete beginner and cannot afford a dedicated video editor/motion graphics expert


So this is all regarding the Flexclip video editor, Let me know what do you think in the comment section.

We would love to know your experience with the software. If you still need any help just let me know.

I will be more than happy to assist you

Thanks for tuning in 🙂



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