Cloud Ways Hosting Review: Best Hosting In Industry [Promo Inside]

If you are thinking to host your website on CloudWays then today we will talk about complete in depth Cloudways Review as we did this experiment to test the cloudways hosting which people talk so much about there speed.

We have tested the cloudways hosting for extreme tests for a few days on a 2gb server on digitalocean plan.

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In our test CloudWays has come up to be a great web hosting company with excellent speed and reliability but pricing model and no email hosting is something that missing

CloudWays hosting service is completely different from other hosting providers as they provide a complete managed WordPress hosting experience while other web hosts provide the same service for a much greater price.

People like me like their hosting because of their simple and unique approach towards the hosting solutions.

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is loaded with many convenient features for easier to manage, speed optimization, and security. Everything is managed WordPress hosting is controlled by the hosting company and you just focus on your website development.

Problems With Web Hosting’s Today

I have used many hosting companies now and found out a number of problem with most of the web hosts.

  1. VPS and Dedicated servers are always a better choice for you hosting which are very expensive in most hosting companies (100 to 600 $/mo)
  2. Dedicated servers provided by many hosting companies are not managed and you have to take care of any issue in your server on your own.
  3. Many popular hosts have crappy support and are notoriously popular to make you wait hours before replying to your ticket.
  4. Directly using companies like digitalocean, vultr, google cloud you have to manually install everything and you don’t get panel also
  5. Most hosting companies web hosting platforms have a learning curve.

That’s where the CloudWays Comes into place which takes all these hassles out and provides you fully managed experience so that you only focus on your website design and growth, not technical aspects.

Cloudways Hosting Review: The BEST for WordPress!

  1. CloudWays Hosting Speed
  2. Complete CloudWays Setup Tutorial
  3. About CloudWays Hosting Company
  4. CloudWays Hosting Plans & Pricing
  5. CloudWays Detailed Plans & Pricing List
  6. CloudWays Hosting Features
  7. Scalable Servers
  8. Custom Control Panel
  9. Server Management
  10. CloudWays Multiple Websites On Same Server
  11. Cloudways Staging Feature
  12. CloudWays Email Hosting
  13. CloudWays Backup Pricing
  14. CloudWays Cache Plugin
  15. CloudWays Server Cloning
  16. CloudWays Nameservers
  17. CloudWays VPS/Dedicated Server
  18. CloudWays DDoS Protection
  19. CloudWays Uptime
  20. CloudWays Security
  21. CloudWays Data Centers
  22. Migration Pricing CloudWays
  23. CloudWays CDN
  24. CloudWays Free Trial

Disclosure: Please do note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my NameHero affiliate link, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you“, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products I’ve personally use and trust.

Why should I switch to CloudWays?

CloudWays is a unique hosting solution which provide to VPS hosting with a custom and easy control panel. So you can manage a top level server without hiring a developer

Is CloudWays Overpriced?

For sure larger plan seen to be overpriced but this hosting is very much preferred by those people who actually don’t care about price but what you are paying this extra money is for support.

Is CloudWays Faster Than Siteground?

For sure it is. Siteground offers shared plans for the same price you can get a VPS from CloudWays where you own the resources only.

Benefits Of Reading Of This Post

  1. Know Pros and Cons Of CloudWays
  2. See Results Of Speed Of Different Site Versions
  3. Why You Should Use CloudWays
  4. You Will Be Able To Make Decision About CloudWays

So with these all discussed so far lets now dive right into our CloudWays test where we will get a basic server from and test its limits and see what results we get

After using the service for few days we have divided cloudways hosting pros and cons below

Pros And Cons Of CloudWays Hosting

Here are some pros and cons that we found in the cloudways hosting platform.

Easy To Set UpNo Email Hosting
Multiple Platforms SupportSupport Is Bit Technical
Free SSL CertificateNo Domain Registration
Pay For What You UseMultiple SSL Only Upto 100 Sites
Flexible Server ResourcesNo File Manager
100% UptimeLimited Server Access
Free Trial (No Credit Card)Not For NewBie
Fast Servers
24/7 Live Chat Support
Staging Option
Free Breeze Caching Plugin
Choose Server And Datacenters
Pros And Cons Of CloudWays Hosting

After all the tests done on our test servers we came to a conclusion about how good cloudways hosting server are and how they performed overall in our test

Cloudways Hosting Review Verdict

CloudWays testing showed 100% uptime and speed with average response time of 133.2 ms including decent support and website loading speed of 0.6 sec

CloudWays Is A Managed Cloud Hosting Offering Affordable Plans With Great Support, Fast Speed, And Excellent Uptime as their infrastructure is optimized for speed, uptime, and security great response time.

Response Time
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CloudWays Response Time On BloggingCapital 2gb Test Server
Cloudways test 2gb server
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CloudWays 2gb Test Server By BloggingCapital

Note: Do Remember The Test Server Was Hosted On London Datacenter And The Whole Tests Were Performed Without Using Any CDN As We Wanted To Keep The Whole Test For Only CloudWays Servers. (Response Time Can Be Further Reduced If CDN Is Used)

So now lets discuss all cloudways hosting parameters that we measured on our test servers and we will add all results with it too

1. CloudWays Hosting Speed

CloudWays Gave Us Excellent Speeds On Both Basic, Woocommenrce, And Copy Of This Website Versions.

Here is my website speed on my Older Host where I am hosting my site right now.

before cloudways
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My Website Speed Before CloudWays

Here is my website speed when I made a clone of my website on CloudWays 2gb Server. Remember The Speed Below Is Without BunnyCDN because as we already said this review is about cloudways only so we want to keep it only for cloudways servers.

after cloudways
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Same Website Clone After I Hosted On CloudWays (Temporarily)

Here is the site speed for a basic WordPress installation without wprocket plugin and without Cloudflare or BunnyCDN when basic marketer site from generatepress is imported (No Minification No Caching No Redis)

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CloudWays Default Speed With Basic Generatepres Theme Installed (Marketer Site Imported)

Here is the cloudways speed after WordPress installation no other theme installed not modification and no caching enabled and without CDN.

speed for basic wordpress installation
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Speed After Basic WordPress Installation (No Monification & CDN)

Woocommerce is a major part of WordPress so tested that too as it uses a lot of resources o the server. So we set up Astra theme and used a woocommerce prebuilt site on it and here are results without modification and caching and no CDN.

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Cloudways Speed After Installing Woocommerce (No Minification No caching No CDN)

All the speed results are here for you and we tried to keep them as simple and as unbiased as possible. So No minification, No Caching, & No CDN was enabled.

Speed of these sites can be increased further by using all these speed increasing methods.

So if you liked our effort as it took us so much time and effort to do all these tests for you.

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2. Complete CloudWays Setup Tutorial

Here is a video by Adam to setup CloudWays from start to end [Step By Step]

How To Setup CloudWays Hosting

3. About CloudWays Hosting Company

cloudways home
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About CloudWays Hosting

Before using any host my first checklist for review is to see if the company is reliable and check out their experience in the industry. If company is new i would avoid it for sure.

  1. CloudWays was founded in 2009 by Uzair Gadit, Pere Hospital, and Aaqib Gadit
  2. Their offices are in Spain and Dubai
  3. Their staff is now more than 50+ members
  4. They have severe more than 9k users from 43 countries with 14000+ active servers and 26000 web apps currently hosted
  5. 11 Years of technical experience
  6. CloudWays Contact – 52 Springvale Pope Pius XII St. Mosta, Mosta, MST2653, Malta (44 330 001 0338)

4. CloudWays Hosting Plans & Pricing

CloudWays is a scalable web hosting platform that can be adjusted to the needs of the website at any time as it offers real time billing also.

Most people start from the $10 plan at start and then scale as you grow in the online world.

Cloudways offers different platforms to host your website like digitalocean, vultr, Linode, google cloud & Amazon AWS

clouudways plans
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Different Platforms On CloudWays

Most people chose the digitalocean plan as it is the cheapest and it provides good speed also.

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CloudWays DigitaloCean plans

All other platforms like vultr, Linode, AWS and Google Cloud have expensive plans than digitalocean.

5. CloudWays Detailed Plans & Pricing List

Here is the detailed pricing list of all hosting plans of cloudways plans for DigitalOcean, Linode, & Vultr –

Processor 1 Core
Storage 25GB
Bandwidth 1TB
$ 10 /mo$ 12 /mo$ 11 /mo
Processor 1 Core
Storage 50GB
Bandwidth 2TB
$ 22 /mo$ 24 /mo$ 23 /mo
Processor 2 Core
Storage 80GB
Bandwidth 4TB
$ 42 /mo$ 50 /mo$ 44 /mo
Processor 4 Core
Storage 160GB
Bandwidth 5TB
$ 80 /mo$ 90 /mo$ 84 /mo
CloudWays Plans Of DigitalOcean, Linode, & Vultr

Here is the detailed pricing list of all hosting plans of cloudways plans for Amazon AWS & Google Cloud

Hosting/SpecsAmazon AWSGoogle Cloud
RAM 1.75GB
vCPU 1
Storage 20GB
Bandwidth 2GB
$ 36.51 /mo$ 33.30 /mo
RAM 3.75GB
vCPU 1
Storage 20GB
Bandwidth 2GB
$ 86.77 /mo$ 73.62 /mo
vCPU 2
Storage 20GB
Bandwidth 2GB
$ 176.26 /mo$ 138.64 /mo
vCPU 4
Storage 20GB
Bandwidth 2GB
$ 274.33 /mo$ 226.05 /mo
CloudWays Plans For Amazon AWS & Google Cloud

Disclaimer – The CloudWays Plans May Change Over The Time. We Try To Keep The Post Updated But You Can Check Latest Pricing From This CloudWays Plans And Pricing Link

6. CloudWays Hosting Features

Cloudways provide a universal feature system that they include all the features they offer with any plan you chose.

It does not matter if you chose a $10 plan or a $300 plan you will get access to all the features they offer with any of heir plan.

The only difference is with server resources you chose, so this is the most daring thing to do as no other web host provide you services with this approach.

This is the reason I said earlier that cloudways provide a web hosting solution to you with a completely different approach than others.

Cloudways Features
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CloudWays Features

All Plans Come With:

  • 24/7/365 Support
  • Free SSL
  • CDN Add-on
  • Free Migration
  • Unlimited Application Installation
  • Team Management
  • Dedicated Firewalls
  • 24/7 Real-time Monitoring
  • Automated Backups
  • Staging Environment
  • Optimized With Advanced Caches
  • Auto Healing
  • Regular Security Patching
  • HTTP/2 Enabled Servers
  • SSH and SFTP Access

Note –

  1. If you wish to use cloudWays CDN you have to pay extra $1 per server and $0.04 Per GB served through CDN
  2. $0.033/GB per server will be applied for offsite backup storage.
  3. Free trial is not available for Google Compute Engine

7. Scalable Servers

The first thing I like most about cloudways is its scalable servers. This means you can sign up for a small plan at the start and then you can scale up your server’s resources as your traffic grows with time.

While with other web hosts you have to purchase for years and if your traffic grows your website becomes slow and for scaling up you have to upgrade to their higher tiers at very high costs.

Web hosts like siteground send you a server overages issue email and even delete your website. temporarily and ask you to upgrade to higher plan.

That’s why Cloudways is best as here you do real time billing and you only pay for resources that you use really.

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Vertical Scaling Feature

8. Custom Control Panel

Cloudways does not offer you a cpanel but it offers you a custom control panel made by cloudways and it offers you 1 click setup features. Which is good if you have no technical knowledge about cpanel.

The learning curve about the custom control panel is simply none and is extremely simple. The cpanel can matter a lot to some persons but I personally don’t care and I liked the custom panel by cloudways.

custom control panel
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Custom Control Panel Of CloudWays

9. Server Management

Server Management in the cloudways is extremely easy and you can install and manage your server with few clicks.

server management
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Server Management

In the server management tab, you can manage caching, backups, scaling, security, and monitor your server’s performance with just a few clicks without being so technical in server management.

Moreover, CloudWays takes care of your server management its security, firewalls, latest software updates and all that technical stuff.

So, you just need to focus on your website design and its management.

10. CloudWays Multiple Websites On Same Server

On cloudways, you have no limit for how many websites you can host on your server.

multiple applications
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Go To Application And Install Multiple WordPress Installations

For example on our test site server of 2gb ram we can host as many websites as we want so cloudways do not put a cap on that while most of the other web hosting companies out there put a cap to just host just a specific number of websites.

For hosting multiple websites you just need to go to Applications in your custom control panel and then install a second WordPress installation on it.

Note – You may need to upgrade servers if your websites used all your resources you own. But cloudways automatically add then to you’re next billing but does not reduce the performance of your server. This is what I like most of the CloudWays Hosting as on siteground after CPU overages they simply delete your site from the server and force you to upgrade without providing backup even if you want to switch at that time.

11. Cloudways Staging Feature

This is a must have feature and I don’t buy any hosting if they don’t offer staging features.

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CloudWays Staging Service

So, if you don’t know hat staging is then let me tell you in brief –

A staging area is a temporary clone of your existing website where you can test different plugins and any customization before applying that to the live site.

So in the staging area, you edit your layout or any changes your developer wants to make when you are good to go you just push the staging version on the live site.

The staging area is mostly required when you want to completely change the look of your website or you want to test some new plugins then you use staging feature for your blog.

12. CloudWays Email Hosting

One of the drawbacks of cloudways hosting is that they don’t provide email hosting.

cloudways email hosting
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CloudWays Email Hosting

For a complete tutorial on setting up email addon on cloudways visit this link on How To Use Rackspace Addon On CloudWays

So you cannot create custom emails directly on cloudways. (But They Provide A Better Solution For This)

Why CloudWays Don’t Offer Email Hosting

So, It’s better that CloudWays doesn’t offer email hosting on your own server where you host your website, because what happens is when you set up an email on your server the server has to continuously check for new emails and for that it keeps on using your server resources and leaves leads resources for your website. So even you have bought a good server it will perform like a shared one because you are continuously wasting your server resources.

You can use their email addon for just $1/mo per email for email hosting. But I can show you a even better alternative than that however it does cost a bit more.

So, if you are ready to invest a little bit more I suggest you buy google gsuite for a business email which will make you get a business email hosted on Gmail and it is fast and reliable.

13. CloudWays Backup Pricing

Cloudways does provide dedicated offsite backup options which you can get by just paying about $0.033/mo.

cloudways backup
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CloudWays Backup On Left Panel

So, for less than a dollar you can get the offsite backup of your website and the backup will be stored on some other servers, not on your server.

So you will further save server resources on this feature also. (You Get Top Service For Few Penny’s Extra.

But if you don’t want to invest in offsite backup there is also a free option to this.

You just need to install a free Plugin like UpdraftPlus. This plugin also does an offsite backup of your website into your google drive and you can simply restore it with just a single click.

You can also transfer your website from one server to another using this plugin for free.

14. CloudWays Cache Plugin

There are many cache plugins out there but cloudways provides their own cache plugin called “Breeze

breeze plugin
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Breeze Plugin

This plugin is fully compatible with coudways hosting and uses server side caching and provides full and accurate purging of cache.

However WpRocket recently contacted cloudways to make their caching plugin compatible with cloudways.

So, you can choose any of them. I personally recommend cloudways as it has more features than any other caching plugin out there.

15. CloudWays Server Cloning

One of the cool feature of cloudways is that it provides you server cloning or application cloning also.

What this means, is that suppose you create and design a full website and you want to create a new website then you just clone the older one and do some changes to it and you are done.

So you don’t have to work from scratch on the new website when you can simply copy and paste the instances of your older website and simply edit them.

16. CloudWays Nameservers

Cloudways doesn’t provide you any nameservers instead to point your domain to cloudways you need to add a record to your DNS settings from your domain registrar.

cloudways domain management
  • Save
CloudWays Domain Management

Like other web hosts, cloudways do not take control of your DNS settings, so your DNS settings remain with your actual registrar.

Which is a downside in my recommendations but cloudways might not host your DNS because it takes resource to resolve the DNS every time a user visits your website.

So it depends on you if you think it is a pro or con of cloudways hosting.

17. CloudWays VPS/Dedicated Server

So any server you buy on cloudways is a dedicated server and is not shared with any other person. You get dedicated resources for your website.

That’s why cloudways is the best hosting solution out there in the market.

18. CloudWays DDoS Protection

Cloudways hosting does provide you a DDoS protection by its dedicated firewalls specifically for your servers.

So most of the bot traffic is filtered by the dedicated firewall but we highly suggest you use Cloudflare and a third party plugin to add extra level of security o your website.

We do use these on our website and we rarely get a spam comment on our website or bot traffic.

19. CloudWays Uptime

Now coming to the uptime of CloudWays is extremely impressive. Our test site got 100% uptime.

cloudways uptime
  • Save
CloudWays Uptime (Source : webhostingsecretrevealed)

We also looked into different groups online and found that cloudways had almost 100% uptime.

They do claim 99.99% uptime guarantee but you will get almost 100% uptime if you don’t mess up your site yourself.

So, uptime will not be a issue here.

20. CloudWays Security

Security is what you don’t need to worry about in this awesome hosting. Cloudways provides dedicated firewalls for your website which is different from the shared firewalls on other web hots that you will find.

That’s why the security of CloudWays is the best in the industry. But still o be in safe side I recommend you to use a security plugin like themes security and Cloudflare for extra firewall protections.

21. CloudWays Data Centers

CloudWays provides data centers all over the world. So you can host near to your target audience so exceptional speed and reliability.

San Francisco
New York
Silicon Valley
Sao Paulo
Los Angeles
North. Virginia
Northern California
Northern Virginia
Northern Carolina
CloudWays DataCenters Complete List
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CloudWays DataCenters Complete List

22. Migration Pricing CloudWays

So when you purchase a cloudways hosting you get a free professional migration from cloudways for free.

cloudways migration
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CloudWays Migration Plugin

They do provide a plugin to do this if you want to do it yourself. If you want to take cloudways handle all of this then you can simply contact them via chat and put in a request for a migration.

They do ask you to check for some errors on site during the transfer and it is mostly smooth.

You can also do the migration from the older hosts via UpdraftPlus Plugin. But I recommend you use your free transfer for first time.

23. CloudWays CDN

CloudWays does provide you a cdn option so you have to pay few panny’s extra to get cloudways cdn.

But i recommend you using BynnyCDN as it is much cheaper option and much faster.

S if you can invest a few pennys extra each month then go with bunny CDN otherwise you can also use the free alternative like cloudflare.

24. CloudWays Free Trial

CloudWays does provide you a free 3 days trial without any credit card requirement and in this period you can completely set up or transfer you website on cloudways servers and then pay after you are satisfied.

cloudways free trial
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CloudWays Free Trial

So before payment you can check he diffence between speed and stability of servers.

If you like their service then you can pay them via credit card or PayPal.

So its Completely Risk Free….!

Use CloudWays Promo Code Coupon “BLOGGINGCAPITAL”

Some FAQ’s Regarding CloudWays Hosting

Here are some of the most asked questions about CloudWays Hosting

✅What is Cloudways?

CloudWays is a industry leading managed WordPress hosting provider which is specifically optimized for excellent uptime and speed.

✅Does Cloudways Have cPanel?

No, CloudWays does not have Cpanel but they do offer a custom panel as an alternative of cPanel.

✅Which Is Better CoudWays Vs SiteGround.?

CloudWays is by far much better choice as compared to the siteground and as a newbie, one should definitely use the siteground.

✅Does CloudWays Provide Email Hosting?

No, ClodWays does not provide email hosting to conserve server resources but they do provide an addon for just a dollar per month per email.


So, To conclude my review i must say that cloudways is the best hosting platform out there and you should definitely consider them if you have $10/mo

For so little investment you will will get awesome speed ad support form cloudways team.

Feel free to ask any question in comment section



Hi, I am Shivam a Research Enthusiast and part-time Blogger, Web Designer, Affiliate Marketer, and founder of BloggingCapital. Here, I post about blogging to help people make money online.

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