7+ “Best” Bluehost Alternatives For 2021 [Real User Reviews]

If you are looking for fast reliable web hosting and Bluehost Alternatives, then your hosting must be extremely fast as speed is a ranking factor in Google’s algorithm.

Many people start a blog with Bluehost but later on realize that they have purchased extremely slow servers that are overcrowded.

That’s why today I will share with you the 7 best personally tested Best Bluehost Alternatives that are extremely fast, reliable, cheap. I have used all of them myself on different blogs.

However, for beginners, you can use Bluehost but as you grow you might need to upgrade to one of the following alternatives we give.

So you can consider Bluehost if you are just starting out and hustling to make your first dollar online.

Bluehost started as a reliable company offering cheap hosting. But from the day company was acquired by EIG Group the performance has dropped and the servers have gone overcrowded.

This is not the only reason why you should consider a Bluehost alternative but there are a lot of others as well.

Here are some of the biggest drawbacks to Bluehost hosting that you’ll want to be aware of:

  1. Slow Apache Servers Technology
  2. High Renewal Price After Promo
  3. No Cpanel Migration Option To Switch Hosting
  4. Linode Count Is Low
  5. Don’t Disclose Server Configuration
  6. Decent Support

These are just a few I mentioned, when you use Bluehost you will be facing a lot of issues.

That’s why we have come up with a list of the 7 top best Bluehost alternatives that you can rely on and trust.

If you face issues with these hosts I will refund your hosting cost. This is how confident I am with the alternatives I am sharing today because I have personally tested all of the web hosts by myself.

If you want help with your blog setup or migration then do check out my guide on how to start a blog in 2021 for a complete beginner’s blog setup guide.

7 Best Alternatives To Bluehost Shared Hosting

Top Alternatives to Bluehost Shared Hosting

  1. Hostinger – $0.99/Month
  2. Namehero – $2.69/Month
  3. A2hosting – $2.49/Month
  4. Greengeeks – $2.95/Month
  5. DreamHost – $2.49/Month
  6. Cloudways – $10/Month
  7. Kinsta – $30/Month

Disclosure: Please do note that some of the links below are affiliate links. When you purchase hosting using my affiliate link, they give me a small commission “at no additional cost to you“, I’ll earn a commission. Know that I only recommend products I’ve personally used and trust

Is Bluehost That Bad To Host My Site?

No, But in fact, it’s a great choice for starters or beginners. But as you scale up you might need to upgrade to a host that you can rely on and trust. That’s what this Bluehost Alternatives guide is for.

What is wrong with Apache servers?

Nothing is wrong with Apache Servers, It is the most used server management platform used still in the market. But there are alternatives out there now that you can rely on and are proven with a benchmark to perform about 60x better than apache with the same server configuration

Benefits of reading this article

  • You’ll find out why you should consider changing web host
  • Find out the best alternative to Bluehost that will save you money
  • Find out which web host I use and why
  • Why it’s important to have better servers for your web hosts

Now, let’s dive into the 7 best Bluehost alternatives that you should be considering to change your web hosting to a more reliable hosting today.

So let’s dive right in..!

1. Hostinger – $0.99/Month

This is by far the cheapest hosting provider in the market right now and I have tested their lowest plan and it will cost you pennies but gives excellent speed. They use the Litespeed server which is the fastest of all other technologies and offers all these packages to you at an extremely cheap price. After checking their price and speed they offer I had to include them on the first in this list even I use the second host in this list.

hostinger hosting

Hostinger earlier used to offer free servers for hosting and I have been using their hosting from the date when they were offering free servers. Recently they invested so much in infrastructure that they have ditched the freemium model but $0.99/Month is actually almost free in my opinion. But this plan includes only one website you can get unlimited websites and more resources with their other plans.

Features Of Hostinger Hosting

Hostinger offers a lot of extremely important and much-needed features even at such a low price. Even they offer so many features from my current host which I paid a lot more on my current hosting provider. These features include –

  1. Litespeed Web Servers
  2. Unlimited Storage – Premium Plan Only
  3. Unlimited Bandwidth
  4. Unlimited Databases/Emails
  5. SSH Access
  6. Cloudflare Integration
  7. Free Domain (Best Offer)

Pros Of Hostinger

  1. Fast & Reliable Hosting
  2. 99.9% Uptime (Tested)
  3. Unlimited SSD Space + Bandwidth
  4. Free Domain Included
  5. Free SSL Included

Cons Of Hostinger

  1. Decent Support (Comparable)
  2. No Daily Backup (With Premium Plans Only)

2. NameHero – $3.58/Month

NameHero is the fastest company from all of the shared hosting companies and this blog is also hosted using Namehero shared hosting. The main reason for choosing Namehero over any other company is because of their transparency and Litespeed servers which are powered by MariaDB databases which are much performance-focused as compared to traditional MySql databases. I have used a lot of hosting providers but Namehero has given me 100% uptime in the last 3 months.

how to start a blog in 2021

Namehero is in the industry for just a few years but their services are extremely fast. Support responds within 1 minute and they don’t tier priority support on the basis of the plan you are using. You will get the same level of support irrespective of the plan you are using.

Features Of Namehero Hosting

Namehero has been offering promising features to their customers and that is why i have personally preferred selecting Namehero over other web hosts. Namehero has some pros and cons too

Pros Of Namehero

  1. Extremely Fast Hosting
  2. Litespeed Server technology
  3. Cpanel Included
  4. Free Domain Included
  5. Free SSL Included
  6. Rocket loader With Cloudflare Free

Cons Of Namehero

  1. Servers In USA Only
  2. Premium SSL Not Included
  3. No offsite Backup

3. A2hosting – $2.49/Month

A2hosting has been in the industry for a long time and has significantly improved over the years and is today’s topmost choice after Namehero. Many top bloggers recommend this hosting so personally tested this hosting and it came out to be one of the fastest web hosting providers out there. But this web hosting is a little bit on the premium side if you want to get the higher plans.

a2hosting hosting

One of the major features I like about A2hosting is that they offer NVME storage type and it is even faster than SSD’s. Their support is quick. You will get a maximum discount if you buy a 3-year plan.

Features Of A2hosting

A2hosting offers some incredible features which no hosting offers out there. In my tests, the company came out to be extremely fast and reliable but sometimes we noticed that it has low uptime as compared to competitors. But it is still more than 99.95%. But in speed, the hosting was found to be extremely fast.

Pros Of A2hosting

  1. Extremely Fast & Reliable
  2. NVME Storage Options
  3. Litespeed Technologies
  4. Free Site Migration
  5. Anytime Money-Back Guarantee Policy (Best*)

Cons Of A2hosting

  1. Low Term Plan Expensive
  2. Uptime Could Be Improved

4. Greengeeks – $2.95/Month

Greengeeks is also an industry-leading company that provides you excellent web hosting features and that too without harming nature. They claim to use 100% renewable energy. After siteground increased their prices stupidly everyone looked for an alternative and greengeeks fits all the requirements. But they only offer payment via credit cards only.

greengeeks hosting

Greengeeks is also one of my favorites because they do offer a dedicated IP on their topmost plan. So if you are using email software on your own server at greengeeks I will ensure the deliverability of the email in the inbox.

Features Of Greengeeks

Greengeeks competes with its rivals in almost all areas. But it outperforms when giving a dedicated IP with their other plans. No other hosting providers offer them included in the plan. You might have to buy it as an add-on.

Pros of Greengeeks

  1. 100% Renewable Energy Powered
  2. Extremely Fast & Reliable
  3. 99.99% Uptime
  4. Free Dedicated IP
  5. Quick & Reliable Support

Cons Of Greengeeks

  1. Only Credit Cards Accepted For Payment
  2. Old Fashioned User Panel

5. DreamHost – $2.49/Month

Dreamhost is also a very popular hosting company which many bloggers use. Its service is similar to Bluehost but they differ in their pricing and billing model. They offer you monthly billing plans at very reasonable prices. However other web hosting companies offer monthly hosting at very high costs.


Dreamhost does not force you to pay for the long term but it does offer you high discounts on the larger terms. But if you are focusing on getting good hosting but want to pay monthly for it then Dreamhost is the best hosting for you. They have also redesigned their panel.

Features of Dreamhost

Dreamhost offers a lot of features but it lacks superiority as compared to the above hosts but still, it is a fast & reliable hosting company that you can invest in.

Pros of Dreamhost

  1. Decent Speed & Response Time
  2. SSD Based Servers
  3. Priority Support
  4. Custom Control Panel
  5. Nightly Backups

Cons of Dreamhost

  1. Old Apache Servers Technology
  2. Custom control panel sometimes glitchy
  3. Only 2 types of plans (No NVME)

6. Cloudways – $10/Month

Cloudways is for little advanced users who are very serious about their blogging and need up to the mark performance from their web host. They offer a lot of plans and the server speed is extremely good as they rent servers from digitalocean, vlutr, amazon, & google. They often charge for their support and custom control panel to easily manage your servers. Read my full full in-depth cloudways hosting review to check the real tests performed by our team

cloudways hosting

Cloudways hosting is extremely popular in the industry and many top bloggers prefer this hosting. One of the biggest benefits of cloudways is they do provide you flexibility in selecting your server resources so if your website gets instant traffic you can simply increase the server resources of your virtual server in just a few seconds

Features of CloudWays

Cloudways offers a lot of attractive features but the hourly resource-based billing means you only pay for what you use rather than paying a yearly fee at once.

Pros of CloudWays

  1. Hourly Resource-Based Billing
  2. Server Resources Flexibility
  3. VPS Servers
  4. 1 Click Staging & Backups
  5. Custom Control Panel

Cons of Cloudways

  1. Little Overpriced
  2. No Email Hosting
  3. Decent Support

7. Kinsta – $30/Month

Kinsta is the topmost hosting provider in the industry used at pro-level by top SEO gurus. It’s a highly affordable managed WordPress hosting provider and is simply the most trusted hosting out there. Their support is excellent and the support guys will always go out of the way to help you out. That’s why most top bloggers use kinsta as their web host.

kinsta hosting

Kinsta makes it extremely easy for you to manage your website because you don’t have to worry about the technical aspect of the blog. Kinsta offers a built-in CDN feature and a custom control panel makes the website handling extremely easy.

Features of Kinsta

Kinsta offers a fully managed WordPress hosting solution. Not everyone can afford this hosting. I still wanted to include this in the list because their hosting service just beats their competitors with their packed-in features. However, it is extremely expensive than Bluehost but still, I wanted to include this because if you can afford then go for it.

Pros Of Kinsta

  1. Excellent Speed, Security & Reliability
  2. Completely Separated Server Resources
  3. Google Cloud Platform Hosted
  4. Free Migrations
  5. Custom Control Panel

Cons Of Kinsta

  1. Extremely Expensive
  2. I don’t find any other

So these are some of the major Bluehost alternatives which you can consider buying if you are looking for an alternative. I must say Bluehost is also good but there are must better alternatives out there now for a much better price and with updated tech.

“Starting This Blog was the best decision of my life and today I am financially independent because of this blog only and manage my blog as a side hustle to my job ”

Why don’t you start your blog today…?


Starting a blog is easy but managing it is a tough task. These Bluehost alternatives are tried and tested for their performances and they will reduce a lot of headaches of managing your servers manually.

Take action and start your blog today and let me know in the comment section which one did you selected and why?



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