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It’s very hard to choose the right plan for you.

Don’t worry, i will help you get the best hosting plan suitable for your needs and that fits in your budget.

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Select Your Web Hosting Category

I have divided hosting companies in three categories. So That You Don’t Overspend Than Your Actual Need. You Must Select Any Plan Based On Your Requirement Of Your Traffic

$2 - $6 Per Month

Perfect For Beginners Who Wish To Start Blogging Without Investing Huge Money

$10 - $20 Per Month

Perfect For Intermediate blogger with googd traffic but want to save some money

$20 - $500 Per Month

Perfect For Experts Who Have Huge Traffic But want a complete managed hosting

Beginner Hosting

This type of hosting is best for a entry level blogger who is just starting out and don’t want to invest more on hosting.

These hosting plans are best for beginners because at start there will be not much traffic and they can handle small amount of traffic from.

Perfect For :

You can expect good speed, but a lot of plugins on single wordpress install may slow down your website admin area for sure

No dedicated firewall but the firewall is shared with all the websites on the server. Security never was a concern or me with these hosts.

Probably the best support provided and usually replies within few minutes via live chat or ticket system for a bigger issue on your site

Most of hosts provide staging area, dedicated plugins for caching, backups, also server side caching to make your website extremely fast

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NameHero Hosting

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greengeeks hosting

GreenGeeks Hosting

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a2hosting hosting


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Intermediate Hosting

This type of hosting is best for a the  bloggers who have good experience and are getting a good amount of traffic on their website.

These type of web hosts provide faster VPS experience and are generally optimized for speed. But support is not that much great in these type of hosts (More Techy)

Perfect For :

You can expect excellent speed, and you will get dedicated VPS server and it has unlimited domain capacity still speed is best in these servers

You will get a dedicated firewall for your VPS and you can view all type of traffic coming to your website and even block any bad traffic from firewall section

Support is decent in these type of hosts but not friend as the beginner one. You have to fix a lot of things yourself so you need to be little technical 

Servers most optimized for the speed, security, and dedicated high traffic websites which can handle a lot of live visitors all together at once

cloudways hosting

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Expert Hosting

These are the hosting companies which are best suitable for websites which millions of visits per month and need dedicated server for them

Mostly they are best known for their support and many companies choose these hosts for their websites to avoid any headache of server management.

Perfect For :

You can expect best speed in the industry. These are dedicated servers for you and you get the most out of it. You get excellent speed

You get dedicated servers which have their own dedicated firewalls. These Ddos and malware protection in real time on these hosts

You is best in the industry and better than any other web hosts out there. You can contact them directly via call, chat or ticket for your quick solution

These hosts are specialized for speed and security but moreover they are best known for their support and quick solution of any problem

kinsta hosting

Kinsta Hosting

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