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I talk a lot about proven seo & blogging tips

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I teach how to start a blog to more than 15000+ readers per month on my blog easy & step by step

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Shivam is a great blogger who have a good knowledge about Blogging. He has written great content so far. Follow him for awesome blogging tips

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Shivam is a skilled and upcoming blogger who is blogging the right way. Follow him for insightful tips on grow your online presence.

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Who is Shivam Sharma?

Hi, I am Shivam a Entrepreneur and Full-time Blogger, Web Designer, Affiliate Marketer, and founder of BloggingCapital. 

I teach 15000+ bloggers people make money from their blog in most easy way possible.

Age – 24 Years
Profession – Full Time Blogger
Hobbies – Blogging, Fitness, Playing Chess, Badminton
Special Thanks To – Om Dutt(Content Suggestion), Priya Khangotra(Website Reviewer), Kartik(Reviewer And Writer), My Parents(For Sponsoring The Blog Financially)
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Shivam Sharma


I have had lot of failures starting a scalable business online

So I learned it the hard way..!

But you don’t have to go through the hard way like I did, Join 15000+ bloggers now and start a profitable business online

How we got here..?


Let me introduce myself quickly,

A Part-Time blogger, affiliate marketer, and Entrepreneur

I’m 24 Years old blogger from Himachal Pradesh, India

I am currently running about 6 blogs, in different niche and the main blog is BloggingCapital.Com which you are reading right now

I am blogging from about 2 years when me and my friend started a fitness blog and made it a success in 1 year.

That Blog is Not Monetized As we made that blog for our own passion of reading a lot of research papers in the library.

We thought if we are reading and analyzing so many research papers why don’t we just create a blog where we put all the information to share for free. 

The basic idea was to include all knowledge in one single place on a blog. The niche we chose was Fitness and Nutrition……..huh..!

I know You are laughing because that’s a very competitive niche and very tough to rank. But as i said we did not created the blog with SEO in mind we created the blog where we review a lot of research papers and publish them online for free as researched material. 

In fitness industry research matters and the topic was bit related to our interest so we kept writing.

After about 2 years when we completed masters we were checking our blog and it was ranking very well on google. 

Exams were over and we decided to make another blog on digital marketing and we came up with the name BloggingCapital.

As we were now very familiar with the content type google loves. So we registered all social media links for the brand name BloggingCapital.

For some reason my friend Kartik left the project as he said he has a job and cannot continue and he also argued that digital marketing is not his thing so he cannot write much about it.

But at that time domain was bought, hosting also on SiteGround (Now Not Recommended) and I invested a lot on this project. So I decided to ride all alone because I have to do this. But this time monetization in the mind as well.

I decided to provide all the content for free which so called SEO geeks charge thousands of dollars to teach you. They still hide many things from you.

So this is the story behind the starting of this blog, I hope you support the blog. I will keep posting great content for you.

Wait Why Would You Trust Me..?

This is my blog traffic after just 2 months setting up my blog..

traffic proof
My Blog Traffic After 2 Months From Starting

Crazy right..?

These are the kind of tactics I will share with you on this blog for making a full time income just from your blog and Be Your Own Boss…!

If you’ve made it this far… thank you.

I thank you deeply from my heart to read this much about me, if you have any question or suggestion then don't hesitate to reach out

You can reach out to me on shivam@bloggingcapital(dot)com, I would love to get your feedback and questions

Don’t forget to join our growing community on facebook, instagram, linkedin, email and my upcoming podcast.

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